Sunday, 30 September 2007

An adventuture in low prim living

Introducing: Dimitrova Shostakovich. She'll be helping to look after inventory for the Infolit ischool island that will be up and running when the Lindens get round to delivering it ;-)
I'll be reporting on her experiences of trying to live in style, but on a low Linden budget. This is Dimitrova in Salzburg, where she picked up freebie ball gowns from the posters just behind where she's sitting. She's wearing her free "Monica" suit from Marzipan's Closet, freebie earrings from Miriel and necklace from DBDigital Designs (you have to pay 1Linden for each necklace, but get it paid back immediately).

Marzipan's Closet: Business Bureau Isle 220, 119, 36
Salzbuurg: Salzburg 185, 175, 27
Digital Designs: Lebeda 237, 3, 30
Miriel: Nouveau 114, 201, 23