Saturday, 29 December 2007

Happy New Year

It's been a madcap time for freebies, and with limited time inworld I haven't had time to unpck everything I've picked up over the last few weeks!

For my new year outfit I've kept the lovely peridot set from Second Mirage and the pretty shoes from Angels, as I thought they made a nice contrast with my chosen dress, free from The House of Zen. It includes a sleeveless top, a system skirt and trousers (worn here), plus a long sleeved top. I love this sumptouous brocade.

The other additions are bracelets, which were one of the freebie sets from Digital Dragon.

Double large bangles: Digital Dragon, Digital Dragon. Oriental ensemble: House of Zen, Hinode Shima 198, 98, 25.
Gold star green velvet shoes (Advent): Angels, West Sunset (207, 119, 22)
Amelia Peridot earrings and necklace (advent): Second Mirage, Second Mirage (71, 14, 22)

Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Green dream

Once again it is difficult to decide which freebies to feature. So many lovely things on offer! In the end I felt I had to model one of the outfits which LeeZu Baxter is giving away before she retires them at the end of December.

Here you have The Redleave dress: as with the others you will find under her tree, the patterns are very distinctive and colourful. You will note the arm pieces, which are again a LZB feature.

I have teamed this outfit with the sparkling green Peridot set that was an advent tree gift of Second Mirage: necklace and matching earrings. Also a gift was the pair of elegant green and gold shoes from Angels: plucked from their advent calendar.

Finally, I searched around for some tights, and found these for 2 Linden (in a box with a short skirt and glitch pants). I find this ensemble alluring and classy, just perfect for Christmas events!

Gold star green velvet shoes (Advent): Angels, West Sunset (207, 119, 22)
Bea's emerald skirt and tights (2 Linden): Zeds Pitch (205,97,44)

Amelia Peridot earrings and necklace (advent): Second Mirage, Second Mirage (71, 14, 22)
Redleave flexi dress: LeeZu Baxter, centro italia (167, 163, 22)

Thursday, 13 December 2007

Gone fishing!

Ivalde and Second Mirage have been giving away stunning gifts every day, and so I've been dashing around there when I can. Ivalde's always crowded with people waiting by the tree whilst they feel the presents!

I put together this nice wintery outfit by combining the top from one of Ivalde's daily gifts (the Kristine striped sweater dress) with the skirt from a gift from Ivalde's Lucky chair - which of course I always check out while I'm there.

Visiting Sheila Yoshikawa's shop in La Reina, I stopped by Schadenfreude, who have a number of really nice Christmas gifts including this cosy striped scarf. Look out for their free snowflake emitters too!

With this, I'm wearing yesterday's advent gift from Second Mirage, the striking Kayla earrings. I must say my jewelry casket is filling up nicely with these Xmas treats!
It was a clear, crisp day, so while I was at Ivalde's I wandered down to the harbour and tried a bit of fishing. I landed 3 fish, and as you can see this put me in with a chance for a prize!
Two other lovely ladies joined me in fishing and they seemed pretty persistent, so I'm not sure I'll still be keeping my prize at the end of the day! I must say it's a really pleasant spot here, though.

Kayla brushed steel earrings: Second Mirage, Craigavon (39, 137, 46)

Lisa pants and skirt: Ivalde, Ivalde (81, 211, 35)

Kristine red & black shirt, tights and socks:Ivalde, Ivalde (81, 211, 35)

Black and white stripey scarf: Schadenfreude, La Reina (180, 170, 27)

Red/black stilettos: GamersBrand (60, 215, 25)

Friday, 7 December 2007

Winter wonders

The freebies just keep coming! For this post I had a lot of fun with the Tornado dress that is one of 12 lovely outfits piled up at AnnDe's.

At first you see it just simply combined with the Advent gift Tess necklace and the gorgeous flowing Undine hair (not free - but so glamourous!)

Then I saw the delectable free cape and couldn't resist scooping that up to take the dress up a notch further - making it an ideal outfit for a night at the opera! I love the delicate fur and the delicate impression of it all.

Long hair didn't look right (hair and fur prims getting HORRIBLY mixed up) so I pulled out this Miss Mess updo. Unfortunately, though, I can't remember where I picked it up! The maker is no longer in SL so no help there.
The shoes were Angel's delectable silver star items, with inbuilt sexy walk. Yum!
Fur Cape: YeeVoo Designs by Yeesha Voom, Ironstorm (199, 172, 56)

Dress, Tornado outfit: AnnDe's Designs, Rhee (151, 133, 127)

Missmess hair: free from somewhere ;-(

Diana Ruby earrings: Second Mirage, Second Mirage (71, 14, 22)

Tess neckalace: Second Mirage, Second Mirage (71, 14, 22)

Silver star shoes: Angels, West Sunset (207, 119, 22)

Thursday, 6 December 2007

Passion and drama

A very dramatic freebie is this stunning dress from Doll House - Plum Passion! It comes with the neck ribbons and really billows around you.
I played around with jewelry, but in the end came back to my old favourite, the Shiny Things strand.
I toyed with the red Diana earrings, one of the Second Mirage Advent gifts, but I decided in the end that it needed something a bit more understated, so I ended up with another trusted friend, the Teardrop earring set from Miriel, one of her lovely freebies.

Although the dress was already striking, I thought I could add something more ... namely the feathery black arm pieces from an AnnDe freebie outfit.

Ruby knotted strand: Shiny Things, Shiny Falls (170, 180, 37) (picked up free from the Gnubie Store)

Teardrop earrings: Miriel, Nouveau (114, 201, 23)

Black feathery arm pieces from Ladies July free gift: AnnDe's Designs, Rhee (151, 133, 127)

Plum passion bella dress: Doll House Dreams, Madison Place (224, 69, 23)

Wednesday, 5 December 2007

Red and white

There are so many quality freebies around at the moment it's difficult to know where to start. Red is the order of the day, in line with the Christmas season, and you can't move for yummy xmas frocks.

However it wasn't that hard a choice as Bossa Nova is one of my favourite designers: her classy style is just in tune with mine. If you go to her store you'lle find the freebie Noel dress ready and waiting: it includes long red gloves as well as a frothy skirt and a top which is not too low cut.

I teamed it with one of Second Mirage's Advent gifts: a lovely ruby necklace set - and to add some amusement, some snowman earrings which were a group gift from Talisman, matching the white of the underskirt!

You'll see I've got new hair today: not free I'm afraid, but very good value - the "Undine", after the water nymph. It adds the extra frothy seasonal touch.

Another free (one dollar) item that caught my eye was this fun hoody. I had to put on some of the hair I got from Nyte n' Day in their newbie pack to show off the actual hood - which has an (empty) gift package peeping out! The Christmas tree earrings, also from Second Mirage (their table-top gift of the month) picked up the motif on the hoody. Cute, and I like to team a casual top with a full skirt when the top is as nice as this one.

Noel dress: Bossa Nova, Amour (184, 59, 27)

Diana Ruby/platinum necklace and bracelet; Christmas tree earrings: Second Mirage, Second Mirage (71, 14, 22)

Hoody: Fluky, Kootenay (71, 39, 108)
Snowman earrings: Talisman, Yawgoo (104, 120, 97)
Undine Hair: Mau’s, Nabi (197, 249, 108)