Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Glamour in the morning

I got this dress second hand a while back and have been waiting to blog it. To me it says "garden party with the Queen." It's a system skirt but it seems to work with this outfit, with the fun little feathery bustle.
If you buy it new the outfit comes with a pair of really nice shoes, but the person who passed it on had snaffled those, so I'm wearing it with the freebie Sadie shoes by Zhao. I bought this hat in the closing down sale that Mercury had - it cost 10 Linden. Afraid it's not available any more, but hopefully they will open up again soon. I finished it off with a set from Muse that was originally a group gift and a simple pearl bracelet.

The skin is one of the "Another Fundraisers" skins: Passion by Nuclear Boutique.

Silk Flowers dress: Vindi Vindaloo, Plush Kappa (47, 48, 22)

Mercury norning hat: Mercury (not open at the moment)

Dauphine necklace and earrings (judst seen): Muse (148, 148, 24)

Metallic tintable tights (freebie): G.L.A.M. Viva La Glam (76, 180, 24)
Elise black pearl bracelet: Second Mirage, Second Mirage (71, 14, 22) (advent gift)

Sadie shoes: ZHAO Shoes, Kasba (15, 185, 639) - part of the free pack at Second Style in Le Zoo sim.

Monday, 28 January 2008

Not quite in mourning

In my last post I said I wanted to find an outfit for the Virginie jacket, from the set I bought in the Last Call sale. I thought it had a romantic, slightly equestrian feel, so I paired it with the Black Flower gown, which I felt had the right dramatic sweep. So as not to make it too severe I used mesh stockings, but toned it down with longer glitch pants than you get with the gown.

Rooting around for appropriate pants, I came across the Widow outfit in my inventory, and I thought the hat went very well, with its pretty little veil. The jewelry was chosen to be fairly understated, keeping the gold/black theme.

Jacket from the Virginie set: Last Calll, Dazzle (56, 216, 35)

Black flower gown top and skirt (dollarbie): StarChild , CZESTATE Kuai Nui (5, 137, 22)

Widow hat and veil: Amaretto, Isla Violeta (164, 204, 27)
Sage hair (darks - black): Calla, Callatropia (125, 193, 23)

Serenity gold earrings and black pearl drop necklace: Second Mirage, Second Mirage (71, 14, 22)
Lucia dress glitch pants: Bossa Nova, Amour (184, 59, 27)
Stockings from Goth Kimi freebie set: Tuli, Plush Rho (130, 239, 22)
Mary Jane Sequin Shoes (free in store): Digit Darkes, Dacham (107, 143, 49)

Saturday, 26 January 2008

Metallic gleam

I restricted myself to one item from the Last Call sale, and made it the Virginie set, mostly because I loved these rich metallic coloured trousers. The set's jacket is also very dramatic and I'll show that with another outfit.
This gave me an excuse to bring out a favourite, the 1810 coat, paired with the top from the Tya Spice dress. I thought they toned really well together. There's a lot going on in the top, so I kept the jewelry low key: a simple black pearl necklace and some really pretty earrings that are free in the Untone shop. They are in black or white and I had some fun with another outfit wearing one black and white earring, but here it's a more serious look so I stuck to all black.

I'm shown in the attractive new Cherry Button shopping district in the Moondoggies sim: the shops mostly are using Ingrid Ingersoll's Town House which is one of my favourite prefabs at the moment.

Top from Tya's Spice dress (this colour only available as a group gift) Evie's Closet, Madison Place (61, 111, 469)
1810 coat (group gift): LeeZu Baxter, centro italia (167, 163, 22)
Drop earrings: UnTone, Koen, Koenji (115, 139, 39)
Gunmetal breeches from Virginie set : Last Call, Dazzle (56, 216, 35)
Mary Jane Sequin Shoes (free in store): Digit Darkes, Dacham (107, 143, 49)
Black pearl drop necklace: Second Mirage, Second Mirage (71, 14, 22)
Sage hair (darks - black): Calla, Callatropia (125, 193, 23)

Friday, 18 January 2008

Black pearl

You may have heard about the Second Mirage challenge to post lovely photographs wearing Second Mirage jewelry to the dedicated Flickr group. Here you have one of the pics that I posted: I am wearing the striking Elise Black Pearl set.

I wanted a simple yet dramatic gown to go with it, and the Greyceful gown in green seemed to fit the bill - a swooping (but not immodest) neckline, and a sweeping line to the skirt. An updo seemed right for this formal look, and I decided on the Nyte'n'Day "Connection" hair in black.

The photos were taken on the Wales1 sim: until recently this had soem landscape and offices, but perhaps it is being remodelled asnow it is completely bare of prims. This seemed an appropriately pared-down background, with the bare contours of the land in the sunset.

Greyceful groupgreen gown: Aphrodite Creations, Star Scythe (111, 200, 139) (group gift)

Elise black pearl earrings and necklace: Second Mirage, Second Mirage (71, 14, 22) (advent gift) Hair - Connection: Nyte'n'Day, Couture Isle (117, 243, 26) (free in their newbie pack)

Thursday, 17 January 2008

City life

No, I haven't made it as a model - this is a life sized front cover of the fashion mag Second Style in their classy building on Le Zoo. They have a pose ball positioned just right and you can change the colour of the cover, to be the cover girl of your dreams. Probably very naff to do this but - anyway!!

I only just collected the Second Style freebie box from the Le Zoo sim, and it has some real goodies in it. I decided to start with one piece at random and it was the shoes from Zhao: black with a chain detail at the heel. I had recently picked up free tintable tights from GLAM - in fact here I used the dark sheer version without any extra tint as they looked just fine with the shoes.

I was going for a smarter winter look, so I plumped for the grey jacket from Ivalde and after trying on a few things that didn't look right, I decided these red shorts were good. Not the sort of thing I wear in RL, but in SL it seems just fine.

To pick up the red, I chose the ruby earrings from Second Mirage. That and the Ivalde items were advent gifts. Rather than a necklace, I thought a scarf would be a finishing touch and the one from a DG gown (free when they opened) looked snug around the throat, but pretty and floating at the back.

As a background I chose two of the New York sims.
Ninni grey jacket and Renate red shorts: Ivalde, Ivalde (92, 184, 36)
Diana ruby/platinum erarrings: Second Mirage, Second Mirage (71, 14, 22)
Metallic tintable tights: G.L.A.M. Viva La Glam (76, 180, 24)
Nadeshiko 3 hair: Tukinowaguma, uemachi (68, 64, 29)

Scarf from Opening gown (black): DG Innovations, Innovations (92, 131, 31)
Sadie shoes: ZHAO Shoes, Kasba (15, 185, 639) - part of the free pack at Second Style in Le Zoo sim.

Monday, 14 January 2008

Just Wrong

Another advent gift that I picked up was this sweet little dress from Wrong. I kept the ice princess gloves to go with it, and the Victoria earrings, but I thought that I needed something more intricate at the neckline, so I put on the Second Mirage spider necklace (free at halloween). I had seen the Punk Chick outfit blogged and went to snap up the dollarbies there, and I really like the stockings . I think they add a more adventurous air to the outfiit. I heard about the "everything for 10 Linden" Mercury Couture sale, and I'm wearing the Mercury Bouffant hairstyle.

Amity dress: Wrong, AlterNation (184, 161, 38)
Stockings from Punk Chick outfit:Star Child, CZEstate Kuai Nui (5/137/22)
Victoria earrings and spider necklace: Second Mirage, Second Mirage (71, 14, 22)

Mercury Bouffant hairstyle: Mercury Couture, Mischief (but just moving out)

Mary Jane Sequin Shoes: Digit Darkes, Dacham (107, 143, 49)

Sunday, 13 January 2008

Winter princess

There is a snowflake treasure hunt on Ohana Isle! I didn't bag all of the snowflakes (with freebies in) but I had an enjoyable hunt round the sim and from two of the snowflakes I got this fetching ice princess outfit. It includes the "cool" boots!
I just added an advent gift from Second Mirage: earrings and necklace in platinum and diamond. In fact there is a headband too, but I preferred the cute ear muffs that came with the princess outfit. To begin with I had my usual Maitraya hair, but to show off the cape better I also wore it with the Au Corant hair from Nyte n Day's freebie pack.

Victoria set: Second Mirage, Second Mirage (71, 14, 22)

Cold as Ice princess outfit: Halloween 365, Ohana Isle (34, 70, 21) (currently free in snowflakes as part of the sim hunt)

Au courant (black) from the newbie pack: Nyte n day, Couture isle (119, 251, 23)

Saturday, 12 January 2008

Taupe treasure

This latest ensemble started with the Taupe outfit ("Falling leaves") that I picked up from free from Classic Casuals. I soon realised that the blouse would go with an item that I've been wanted to coordinate into an outfit for some time: the sheer jacket from a freebie Rebel Hope Design set, Treasure. This is a lovely item in a pale gold colour.

I show it first with the trousers from the same Treasure set.

I am also wearing the knotted necklace from Shiny Things (free at the Gnubie Store), and Kayla Second Mirage earrings (making a bold statement), together with my gold Digit Darke freebie shoes.

I am shown full length in the Avaria sim: a challenging and rugged place of rocks, sand and baby dragons! Fun.

This was a nice casual outfit, but I wanted to make it a bit more girlie. I returned to the Ivalde free outfit in gold, but this time I choose the short version of the skirt and to keep my feet warm I added free ribbed khaki stockings from a set by Pochette.

Falling leaves set in taupe: Classic Casuals@ Samara Studios, Gembong West (244, 114, 31)

Treasure Jacket and Trousers: Rebel Hope Designs, Monarch Bay (213, 83, 27)

Necklace - knotted bead strand: Shiny things (Shiny Falls 170, 180, 37) from the Gnubie Store

Mary Jane Sequin Shoes: Digit Darkes, Dacham (107, 143, 49)

Kayla brushed steel earrings: Second Mirage, Second Mirage (71, 14, 22)

Nepknitsocks (khaki): Pochette, Sinsaibasi (112, 216, 38)

Glitch pants and short skirt from Benedicte gown: Ivalde, Ivalde (92, 184, 36)

Sunday, 6 January 2008


My last outfit was photographed in the Amor ballroom and I can't move on without mentioning that they have some marvellous freebies for ladies.

Click on the pink ball outside the ballroom and you are transported to a changing room with a choice of free gowns, skins and hair!

In my first picture I am wearing the Rouge taffeta gown, with its white fur shoulder pieces.

In the second I am shown with the same gown, paired with the extraordinary red boa from the Ravishing Red outfit. My shoes are advent gifts from Angels (purple and gold ones this time) and my earrings and necklace are the Serenity set from Second Mirage.

Also pictured is the Taffeta top with LeeZhu Baxter's GoldRed flexidress skirt (this was available free under her Xmas tree, alas no more), with the free Amor Slick Black hair. In the other pics I am wearing my "normal" hair, the long sleek Rivers by Maitreya.

Gowns and furs, and Slick Black hair: Amor Ballroom, Kyeryong (236, 52, 33)
Gold Star Purple Velvet shoes: ): Angels, West Sunset (207, 119, 22)
Serenity gold earrings & necklace: Second Mirage, Second Mirage (71, 14, 22)
Rivers Silver (iron) hair: Maitreya, Glam World 2 (206, 150, 26)
Goldred flexidress: LeeZu Baxter Design, centro italia (165, 162, 21)

Dancing in the new year

Ivalde flooded us with beautiful advent gifts, and now here is a gift for the new year! This delightful gown is called Benedicte and is the Group Gift in gold, which I got by visiting the store with my Ivalde group tag active.

My earrings are again the Peridot from Second Mirage: I tried lots of others, but these seemed to suit best, I think because the gown is a greeny gold colour. Likewise the Angels shoes and the green stockings were still just right and I kept my glisteny bangles from Digital Dragon.

However, the necklace is another Second Mirage group gift, the Tory square necklace. It was the right colour gold and not too fussy for this formal dress.

Gold Star Green Velvet shoes: Angels, West Sunset (207, 119, 22)
Peridot earrings and Tory necklace: Second Mirage, Second Mirage (71, 14, 22)
Double large bangles: Digital Dragon, Digital Dragon.
Bea's emerald skirt and tights (2 Linden): Zeds Pitch (205,97,44)
Benedicte gown: Ivalde, Ivalde (92, 184, 36)
Photographed in: Amor Ballroom, Kyeryong (236, 52, 33)