Saturday, 29 March 2008

Hot springs in Cherry Blossom season

Like everyone else I've been visiting the new Aoharu sim, and as well as a complete free kimono, I also got some freebie "samurai" items, which included a cute pink set of which this is the top, and cool headbands. The outfit's skirt was fluffy, but a bit short for me, and I spent a long time trying to find a skirt that toned with the top. I thought this combination was girly and I love these deep pink colours. I tried various bits of jewelery, but it looked too cluttered with a necklace and I kept to earrings with glittery pink flowers, which you can just see under the Zero Style hair which is my new favourite. I took the pictures in the Tennoz Isle sim, which has some realistic-looking Japanese streets, a tour car and some hot springs (BTW I know you wouldn't normally be wearing clothes in the springs ;-)

Top from Samurai sword ohka set (free): AOHARU, AOHARU (110, 124, 23)
SamuraiSword Hachimaki (headband) for Ladies in pink (free): AOHARU, AOHARU (110, 124, 23)
Sossy's flower pants (pants layer), part of Sossy's Pink Belle set (think I got it free, but it is now 49 Linden for the set, which is still good value): Sossity - Craigh na Dun, Trance (230, 80, 35)
Chiffon set in Rose (skirt and underpants layer) (free): Bis-Daisy, Ueno (51, 200, 22)
Shamrocks Princess Earrings (St. Patrick Day group gift): Alienbear Gupte,
Bratz (185, 201, 26)
Gold star Purple velvet shoes (advent gift): Angels, West Sunset (207, 119, 22)
Midori hair in black: Zero Style (123, 137, 37)

Thursday, 20 March 2008

Relay for Life

With the current Relay For Life charitable fair going on, I thought it was time to dip into my pocket for some clothes and not just snap up the freebies. I visited the Rezzable sims with Sheila Yoshikawa, and these are snapshots of some of our purchases.

I went for this warm coat, but defied the weather with a tiny skirt and opaque tights. The smooth updo I tried first didn't go with the skirt, it needed something a bit more outrageous, so I wore the Big Bomb hair again. It sort of competes with the fur collar, and I certainly wouldn't wear this everywhere, but I thought it was a fun look.

Sheila already had this Icing dress in blue, and so knew immediately she wanted the red version. The bangles are from a very full set (including dress, necklace and shoes) which is also a RFL special.

Sheila is wearing
Azalea sunset dress: *ICING* at Mischief Cove, Mischief (130, 157, 23) (In the Spring section at the RFL fair: Rezzable Design)
Bangle from TULI RFL limited set: ::Tuli::, Le Zoo (61, 166, 21) (In the Winter section of the RFL fair: Rezzable Discover)
Ballet wrap sweater (chili pepper): Pedalpusher Designs Main Store -, Linji (110, 229, 72)
Red open cross strap shoes: *PicoPure* Shoes and Accessories, Honolulu City (68, 116, 21)
Carollin necklace and earrings in gold and black: Earthtones, Muse (90, 165, 108)
Ryuuzaki Hair in blue: Kin, Eventide Far East (138, 171, 41)

Dimitrova is wearing:
The Echo jacket (RFL special): Pushbutton Industries, Le Zoo (126, 216, 23) (in Autumn: Rezzable Create)
Pants and skirt from Celeste dress (freebie instore): Pixeldolls, Port Seraphine.
Elise2 black Mary janes (freebie in store ): Tesla, Tesla (42, 79, 54)
Drop earrings in silver: UnTone, Koen, Koenji (115, 139, 39)
Tintable tights: G.L.A.M. ,Viva La Glam (76, 180, 24)
Bettiepage Voyager Big Bomb Hair (lucky chair): BP*, Osaka (154,147,21)

Wednesday, 19 March 2008

It's still cold

This outfit started with the fur trimmed gloves, as I picked them up free the other week in my visit to niQue soil. They required a coat or jacket, I thought, and I happened to have been browsing in the Frangipani clothes shop and discovered the upstairs section where there are LOTS of good things at 30 or 50 Linden. That's where I bought the leather jacket and the jeans: also some nice khaki linen trousers that I might blog another time. For the shirt I used the top from an old LZB dress. However, I also considered one of the colourful silk tops from the freebie collection that is still available from Pixeldolls, in their main store: essentially I was looking for something that picked up the red of the carnation and didn't clash with brown. The hair shown here is Bavaresi, but the ensemble looked good with Frangipani's dollarbie "Grace" hair, which comes with a hat.

Brown fur gloves (freebie): Atelier AM, niQue soil (212, 160, 38)
Leather brown blazer: FD Womens & Mens Clothing, Iladil (138, 39, 71)
Rusty Denim Jeans (from Peach silk top & jeans set): FD Womens & Mens Clothing, Iladil (138, 39, 71)
Bavaresi hair in Expresso: FD, Iladil (95, 57, 71)
Tintable drop earrings (part of dollarbie gift pack instore): Amaretto, Isla Violeta (163, 204, 26)
Elise2 black Mary janes (freebie in store ): Tesla, Tesla (42, 79, 54)
Shirt from GoldRed flexi dress (freebie, no longer available): LZB, To the nines (156, 128, 22)
Red carnation (picked up as a freebie on a table in Caledon): To-a-T~ T. Lightfoot Designs, Caledon II (41, 29, 22)

Wednesday, 12 March 2008


I was going to ignore St Patrick's day - but with all that freebie green newness it's difficult. I've solved the problem by getting my friends Zoe, Sheila and Haruki to do the green thing instead.

Haruki has opted for a basic t-and-jeans look: except he's green. He didn't want to spend all day flying round the grid looking for green trousers for men, so he ended up with girl trousers: can anyone really tell the difference? He thought not. But why oh why aren't there better freebies for guys?

Zoe chose the lovely Sparkle Skye/ Alienbear Gupte combination of dress and jewelery, especially as she's part fairy. She also likes the hair that is named after her (not really, but nice to think so!), especially as it only costs a dollar! She is doing the Irish jig animation which was a group gift from Fluky.

Sheila is a high prim girl so she paid for her outfit: it was called "Sheila" (well, a version of Sheila)so she couldn't resist it. It seemed to cry out for mermaid hair so that's what she wore.

Zoe is wearing
Tintable tights: GLAM, Viva La Glam (76, 180, 24)
Super Cannes shoes in green (group gift): Baroque, Foresta (152, 33, 27)
SS Sweetheart group gift week 2 dress (group gift): Sparkle Skye, ImagineNation (173, 186, 23)
Shamrocks necklace and Earrings (St. Patrick Day Version; group gift): Alienbear Gupte
Zoey hair in Ruby (dollarbie): Frangipani
, Iladil (95, 57, 71)

Haruki is wearing:
Shamrock t-shirt (group gift): LaynieWear and SYD, Granymyr (242, 188, 40)
Luck o' the Irish skin (L$1): LaynieWear and SYD, Granymyr (242, 188, 40)
Barely cords (in moss) (L$1): ETD, ETD Isle (132, 137, 32)
Painter shoes (free): Shiny Things, from the Gnubie Store, Powder Mill (121, 142, 35)
Agamemnon hair: Casu Capra, Plush River II (152, 163, 33)
Glasses from the "November" outfit by Musashi-Do

Sheila is wearing:
Undine hair in green: Mau & Mej, Dibacco (147, 159, 111)
Shelagh dress, hair flower & shoes: Bewitched, SpiritWood (128, 128, 0)
Amelia Peridot necklace and earrings: Second Mirage, Second Mirage (71, 14, 22)

Tuesday, 4 March 2008

LeeZu Baxter

I attended the opening of the revamped LeeZu Baxter store. Many lovely items - including some freebies! They included a colour-change hair flower (which I had to reposition for my Big Hair) and this SatinLeave dress. There are gold snaky arm ornaments on the shirt layer (not shown) and a system skirt rather than glitch pants. As I'm not very keen on system skirts I substituted the pants from the Ivalde golden dress that I showed a while back. I think there are a variety of leggings or glitch pants that would look OK with this dress - basically as long as they are in toning colours and with some sort of pattern or texture that complements the skirt.

One of the nice things about a number of LZB dresses, including this one, is the multiple skirt layering, with floaty panels in clear colours. The photos were all taken in the new (to me) sim of niQue soil, which is where I found the gold bangle, reasonably priced at 60 Linden, at Atelier AM. I thought the grunge feel of this corner of the sim was a nice contrast to the glam dress.

Color Change Flower (freebie): LeeZu Baxter Designs, To the nines (156, 128, 22)
SatinLeave flexi dress (freebie): LeeZu Baxter Designs, To the nines (156, 128, 22)
Gold bracelet: Atelier AM, niQue soil (212, 160, 38)
Bettiepage Voyager Big Bomb Hair (lucky chair): BP*, Osaka (154,147,21)
Necklace and earrings, Helios for Her (in a Box marked "Free" high on a shelf): Schadenfreude, Juicy (176, 176, 24)
Mary Jane Gold Sequin Shoes (free in store): Digit Darkes, Dacham (107, 143, 49)
Pants from Benedicte gown in gold: Ivalde, Ivalde (92, 184, 36)