Friday, 18 April 2008

Thinking of summer

Woke up to snow this morning, so the summery top that was dropped today by LeeZu Baxter was very welcome. I added glitter with the recent Pixeldolls freebie and some extra style with some low cost Baby Monkey shoes that match a former BM group gift bag. I was sad to see Second Mirage go, I'm afraid you won't be able to buy the Morah turquoise set any more! However Yak & Yeti did in fact have a similar set of earrings with their free goodies.

Limelight top in silver (free in store): PixelDolls, Port Seraphine (14, 128, 56)
LBD Zelma top in white (group gift): LeeZu Baxter, To the nines (156, 128, 22)
Everyday pants - white (150 Linden for several colours): White Lily, MIA 2 (66, 204, 22)
Jackie Oh spectacles (free): Casa Del Shai , Casa Del Shai (150, 100, 691)
Filigree Tibetan Bracelet with Turquoise (free): Yak & Yeti, Salzburg (182, 79, 27)
Morah earrings and necklace: Second Mirage (originally an Advent gift, no longer available)
Spring pumps - snake (25 Linden in sale): Baby Monkey, Dindrane Elfor (221, 27, 31)
Grey Python Large Clutch (formerly group gift): Baby Monkey, Dindrane Elfor (221, 27, 31)
Jess hair in black and black pink (dollarbie): Diversity Hair, Addictive (96, 170, 22)

Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Cream lace

This was fairly simple to put together as I got both the lovely Seldom blue gowns free and decided to use the pink opaque underskirt with the cream dress for a slightly different look. I rooted through my Valentine's day jewellery to find something pink to go with it!

Opaque skirt from Destiny red gown (red stick hunt freebie): Seldom Blue, Riddings (27, 15, 119)
Serenity gown in cream (freebie this week): Seldom Blue, Riddings (27, 15, 119)
Jess hair in black and black pink (dollarbie): Diversity Hair, Addictive (96, 170, 22)
Amour necklace and earrings (was a Valentine freebie): Alienbear Gupte, Bratz (221, 210, 27)
Hearts and diamonds silver bracelet (was freebie in Valentine hunt): Flirt, Juicy (201, 126, 23)

Sunday, 13 April 2008

Joys of spring

More pretty spring items! I bought the blossom set cheap in the Bossa Nova sale (on til Bossa Nova closes to reopen under a new name) and I thought the Baby Monkey tulip top looked very pretty through the semi-sheer blossom top. The skirt is just cute! I teamed it with pretty pink earrings and some of the Yak and Yeti freebie jewels. The sash isn't free, but I think is really good value - these sashes are excellent for bridging the gap between pants and shirt layer and this one happened to match the other greens very well.

Blossom set in green (sale item; top on shirt layer plus pants): Bossa Nova, Amour (184, 59, 27)
Bougainvillea skirt (from outfit, currently free): xand's Kick & Twirls, DreamCatchers, Vinca Island (205, 35, 31)
Summer tulip top (undershirt layer) (group gift): Baby Monkey, Dindrane Elfor (221, 27, 31)
Brat hair in black brown (dollarbie): Diversity Hair, Addictive (96, 170, 22)
Filigree Tibetan Anklet with Turquoise and Tibetan Bracelets "All Together Package" (freebies): Yak & Yeti, Salzburg (182, 79, 27)
Little pink snowflake earrings (Christmas freebie): Schadenfreude, Juicy (180, 170, 27)
Ballet flats in green (I picked them up free, but I can't find them instore currently...): PERSONA, Plush Chi (153, 105, 22)
Helena waist sash - green (80 Linden for lots of colours): PERSONA, Plush Chi (153, 105, 22)

Friday, 11 April 2008

Spring looks

Two simple looks for spring. One features the Bossa Nova Relay for Life special, the "Primavera" ("spring"!) dress. I bought it in violet, and it has a lovely gold net underskirt and gold patterning on the linen mix skirt. The other outfit has just one of the many, many items you can get free at Yak and Yeti, a linen/cotton blouse from the Natural Brown set. I thought this went nicely with the daffodil patterned skirt from MNK. In both cases I kept with simple heeled sandals and the Helios set from Schadenfreude. As you can tell, this hair (not free!) is a current favourite, fluffy but not too twee.

Natural Set brown Blouse (free): Yak & Yeti, Salzburg (182, 79, 27)
Mocca skirt (free): MNK, Americamura (34, 142, 27)
Primavera dress in violet (RFL special, still available instore ): Bossa Nova, Amour (184, 59, 27)

Both outfits:
Necklace and earrings, Helios for Her (in a Box marked "Free" high on a shelf): Schadenfreude, Juicy (176, 176, 24)
Gold star velvet shoes (in purple and in green: advent gifts): Angels, West Sunset (207, 119, 22)
Midori hair in black: Zero Style (123, 137, 37)

Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Blue couture

Of course I have been joining in the Haute Couture sim hunt, and featured here are two favourite finds, the Alienbear Gupte pearl set, and some attractive trousers from RFyre. I picked up the trousers' embossed patterning in a couple of articles from the freebie heaven Yak & Yeti, and a wardrobe staple, the Pixeldolls belt. I thought it matched the blouse & mantra bracelet really well. Baby Monkey is really generous with gifts and this demin set of shoes and bag finished the outfit off nicely. A nice combination to relax in without feeling dowdy or messy.

Indian Dress - blue Blouse - short sleeves (free): Yak & Yeti, Salzburg (182, 79, 27)
Avril pants in Azure (Haute Couture hunt gift): RFyre, Kef (17, 41, 24)
Dauphine belt (jacket layer) in black: Pixeldolls, Port Seraphine (35, 128, 47)
Pearl Teardrop Earrings and necklace (Haute Couture hunt gift): Alienbear Gupte, Bratz (221, 210, 27)
Tibetan Cuff Mantra big (free):Yak & Yeti, Salzburg (182, 79, 27)

Les Animaux Vintage Souvenir Charm Bracelet (freebie in store): Argyle, Le Zoo (224, 16, 22)
Ballet flats and bowling bag in dirty denim (group gifts): Baby Monkey, Neuntoter (63, 202, 33)

Midori hair in black: Zero Style (123, 137, 37)