Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Cold even though it's spring!

This outfit mostly isn't free, but it incoporates good value items. I bought the dress in the Icing sale some time ago but somehow hadn't got round to blogging it - partly because of the "system skirt disappears" problems there have been! It is a classic little black dress and beautifully textured. Since winter seems to have returned where I live, I've topped it with a snug jacket I picked up in the German Fashion festival. I didn't actually realise how much prim there was til I put it on. I'm a bit cautious about prim jackets - they can look very bulky - but the pattern on this one works nicely. I wanted something to fill the neckline, and this cameo necklace (from a very reasonably priced pack of four) just needed some positioning to attach to the chest (so I could wear it at the same time as the prim collar and hood). The hair is a new cute freebie from Moonshine, and the shoes and stockings are regular freebie favourites. With this outfit I really appreciated how the shoes shine.

The cut of the dress is so nice that I also photographed it without the jacket, adding a chunky set of bangles and trying a different necklace.

Blue checkered jacket: Vacano & Stine , Horns of Hattin (69, 120, 83)
Femme en noir dress (also includes brooch, not pictured) : Icing, Mischief (126, 167, 27)
Elisa black pearl earrings: Second Mirage (no longer available)
Cameo necklace: Saya , SakuraTown (58, 239, 32)
Elise2 black Mary janes (freebie in store ): Tesla, Tesla (42, 79, 54)
Tintable tights: G.L.A.M. ,Viva La Glam (76, 180, 24)
Lizbet hair in Raven: Moonshine, Silver Lake (38, 206, 27)

In picture without jacket:
Tory Square necklace gold: Second Mirage (no longer available)
Gold bracelet: Aya, Atelier AM, niQue soil (212, 160, 38)

Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Peacock theme

I had been wanting to find an outfit to go with my Hera earrings for some time - and then I heard about the freebies at Cherry and tp-ed over. I did pick up a few nice dollarbies and freebies (in particular, some "python" tights and a couple of bangles) but I also spotted this dress for only 100 Linden, and thought it would go very nicely with the earrings. I added some leggings that I'd picked up in the Retrology Mother's Day hunt, and Baby Monkey provided the shoes as usual! Another freebie at Cherry was the birthday cake hat, pictured below!

Green onepiece: Saya - bought at Cherry, CHERRY (207, 17, 21)
Hera earrings: Talisman, Talisman (206, 56, 22)
Gold Bracelet: Aya, niQue soil (212, 160, 38)
Liane tights in green (mother's day hunt gift): PERSONA, Plush Chi (160, 94, 22)
Peacock grab bag (some sort of gift!): Baby Monkey, Dindrane Elfor (221, 27, 31)
Vintage sandals in blue (group gift): Baby Monkey, Dindrane Elfor (221, 27, 31)
Brat hair in black with green (dollarbie): Diversity Hair, Addictive (96, 170, 22)

Wednesday, 7 May 2008


This simple outfit was built around the pretty Mimikri cardigan that is free for a while. It is a metallics look with a twinkle of colour added by the funky earrings. The trousers, being by Last Call, are no longer available, but I loved the luxurious look they gave the outfit.

Cardigan - silver: Mimikri hot couture, Vanilla Isle (184, 203, 21)
Limelight top in silver (free in store): PixelDolls, Port Seraphine (14, 128, 56)
Lame skinny 80s tribute earrings: Talisman, Talisman (206, 56, 22)
New silver pump: Baby Monkey, Dindrane Elfor (221, 27, 31)
Midori hair in black: Zero Style (123, 137, 37)
Gunmetal breeches from Virginie set : Last Call (no longer trading)

Saturday, 3 May 2008

Orange Fantasy

There seems to be losts of orange around at the moment and I combines elements from three outfits for this bubbly look. The skirt really emphasises the wiggle when you walk! I must mention the earrings: they come with several different stones and I wear them lots - originally a group gift, they are still a freebie in Talisman's exellent instore freebie area.

Sweet candy dress orange (top, scarf and gloves) (group gift for May): pop feel, KyuKaruizawa (118, 30, 23)
Freeb red summer dress (pants) (instore): PERSONA, Plush Chi (160, 94, 22)
Orange After Glow skirt: lurvebite freebie at the Korova Milk Bar SL, Takahara (209, 111, 61)
Skin - Passion: Nuclear Boutique (Another fundraiser skin)
Double Large Bangles: Digital Dragon, Digital Dragon.
Bronze Paragon earrings in Hessonite Ruby (free instore): Talisman (204, 59, 22)
Gold brocade pump (L$25 in sale): Baby Monkey, Dindrane Elfor (221, 27, 31)
Brat hair in balck/red (dollarbie): Diversity Hair, Addictive (96, 170, 22)

Thursday, 1 May 2008


Seeing out April in a delicate outfit, ready for summer. The pretty dressing table is in the Untone shop.

Overskirt of white race skirt and pants (free): Bis, Aventi Island (205, 185, 21)
ONE-PIECE43 violet star (top, part of L$100 dress): K*S, LicoLico (109, 43, 21)
Autumn Annie top in dark blue (undershirt layer) Seldom Blue , Riddings (27, 15, 119)
Dark denim pumps (were free): Baby Monkey, Dindrane Elfor (221, 27, 31)
Denim bowling bag (group gift): Baby Monkey, Dindrane Elfor (221, 27, 31)
Simple drop pearl necklace (L$1 instore): Muse, Muse (148, 148, 24)

Princess pearl bracelet (group gift): ICING, Mischief (130, 157, 23)
Drop earrings in silver (free in store): UnTone, niQue Soil (61,68,25)
Jess hair in velvet soot (dollarbie): Diversity Hair, Addictive (96, 170, 22)