Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Dark enchantment

More dark enchantments in the latest freebies. I still can't decide whether I most like the long skirt (which moves delightfully) from Seldom Blue or the shorter skirt which is part of a gift on the new Beauty Avatar sim. The short skirt has a lovely kimono-fabric design. The hair wasn't advertised as a freebie, but the "colour demos" do not have "demo" attached to them, so they are actually usable freebies. There are 3 styles in the demos, and this was my favourite.

Top from Madison gift no. 1: Madison's creations, Mogwa (94/220/91)
Shorter skirt - from girl's gift: Beauty Avatar, World of Beauty (127/158/24)
Longer skirt - from Petra gown: Seldom Blue, Riddings (27, 15, 119)
Elise2 black Mary janes (freebie in store ): Tesla, Tesla (42, 79, 54)
Tintable tights: G.L.A.M. ,Viva La Glam (76, 180, 24) (siom currently being redesigned)
Morgan hair in bitter chocolate: House of Heart Designs, Tropical Escape (127, 70, 23)
Tory Square necklace gold: Second Mirage (no longer available)
Gold bracelet: Aya, Atelier AM, niQue soil (212, 160, 38)