Friday, 8 August 2008

Like a butterfly

I'm afraid this outfit isn't free, but it so pretty I wanted to share it on the blog. It started with the butterfly dress: an amazingly beautiful skirt, but the accompanying pants and top were very skimpy, so not quite my style. However, when I saw the Loving dress from Punch Drunk I realised they were made for each other. I also indulged in the new hair from Kayoot. With this outfit I didn't want to overdo the jewels and I've stayed with a simple gold necklace and some favourite earrings.

Butterfly dress (skirt): AC Girls, Japan MALIBU Resort (176, 185, 21)
Loving dress(Enayla collection) (top and pants): Punch Drunk, Mischief (205, 174, 23)
Waverly hair in Black: Kayoot, Silent 131, 219, 21
Hera earrings: Talisman, Talisman (206, 56, 22)
Gold circle pendant: PERSONA, Plush Chi (160, 94, 22)