Wednesday, 28 January 2009


Some lovely free and cheap items here! I grabbed the red dress by SySy from the The Ewing Agency VIP Guest list group. I love the feather effect on the skirt. There are another couple of lovely gowns in the Notices of this group at the moment.

The cherry-printed satin jacket was part of a suit that I got in the 50 Linden sale at Pixeldolls. Lots of good deals there. The amazing Avarice hair was a freebie from Bishwear that I picked up a couple of days ago. It is on a big poster towards the baclk of the shop.

The bracelet was a dollarbie in a little dollarbie-only store - Ruffian (Ecstasy City (20, 9, 50) it is on the fourth floor of the mall) - many bangles and some shoes, but get there quickly as the mall is closing down very shortly. The necklace was a freebie or dollarbie from ICED - as you might guess it is a Valentine day gift, instore. And finally the earrings were from Second Mirage (shop no longer in world) .

Fun in fur

There was a super satiny red dress as a group gift from Pixeldolls - a simple chinese style with cap sleeves. If you aren't a group member, go to their shop to sign up (click the sign - it doesn't count towards your 25 groups) and then click again to look at the archived notices.
I could have gone for understated - but then I found this fur coat that was a group gift from Baby Monkey a couple of months ago, and I went for more of a "currupt polititian's wife" kind of look instead. To be honest I'm not a big fan of prim "fur coats" but I thought this one was fun.
The red shoes were valentine freebies last year (Red Diamond Slippers) from Tres Beau Designs and once again I've got teardrop earrings from Miriel. To start with I kept the geisha style hair from my last outfit but one, then I tried two hairstyles from Tukinowaguma: the dark updo is style "Nadeshiko" (which I remember being very cheap) and the gold/red piggies are called Natumi (a freebie at the time). The fan was another discounted item from the Orchid Dreams clerance sale.

Sunday, 25 January 2009


A quick post to show a dashing red suit that can be found in pieces as a treasure hunt on Isle Rfyre. There is a male and female version, but to be honest as I didn't find all the women's version, I mixed in some items from the men's suit, and it looks OK to me! The hunt is only on for another couple of hours. The hunt encourages you to explore the island - a very nice spot with romantic waterside seats and temples.
DURANTE suit (mixture of men and women's pieces): House of Rfyre, Isle RFyre (95, 173, 23)
Diana earrings in ruby from Second Mirage (was advent gift, creator no longer inworld)
Elise Mary Jane shoes from Tesla (freebie instore)

Thursday, 22 January 2009

Kimono dreams

This post features kimono that are free in the Li Chi Shop in Little Yoshiwara, Milarepa (117, 144, 43) - these pictures were taken in Milarepa (a sim that mixes Japanese shops with cute oriental houses to rent). I am wearing a mix and match of the 3 free kimono - with the basic Kyoto Red kimono I have the obi upper from the Pink Flower kimono and the under obi from the Pink Dragon. Also free in the shop are some one-prim cabinets and pictures.

The hair was bought at a discount from Orchid Dreams (now closed, alas) and the teardrop earrings were part of the Miriel jewellery freebie. The black hair-flower is kept from my last look - it comes with the G Field rose shoes (not free). Finally, the boots are not exactly traditional, but they are good for cold weather! They are the Kookie "Muggy cupcake" boots that she just sent out as a free group gift, so if you join the Kookie group you should find them in a notice still.

Saturday, 10 January 2009

Sashaying in Sascha

A variation on my last look - just changing the dress and a few details. The dress is the January group freebie from Sascha's Designs. Just go in the store and you will come across a big arrow pointing to the vendor - you need your group tag activated, of course. It is a pretty, lacey sleeveless cocktail dress, with a prim scarf round the shoulders. I kept on the bolero from the previous outfit (it is definitely still winter here!) - but I changed from the woollen tights to a smoother pair (that used to be free from G.L.A.M.). I also swapped the pearls - the G Field freebie contains a light and a darker necklace: the previous outfit featured the dark mix and in this photo I'm wearing the light mix. In this picture you also catch a glimpse of the black hair rose that comes free with the shoes.

Liru - Wool Bolero (lucky chair): mayuki nozaki, Yabusaka (42, 169, 23)
Dress - January group gift: Sascha's Designs
Pearl Necklace - light mix (free in store): G Field, YABU (148, 110, 23)
Lady Rose Shoes -black: G Field, YABU (148, 110, 23)
Runway hair in mocha (free with Runway demo): House of Heart Designs, Tropical Escape (127, 70, 23)

Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Winter warmer

In RL I've been a teensy bit ill for some weeks - so inconvenient! However, I'm getting better now, so I was able to spend a little time camping in a lucky chair - only 10 minutes required each for the bolero and the dress! It's a sweet grey woolen combination that is perfect for winter. In the same sim as Mayuki Nazaki (dress designer) is G.Field. I picked up this lovely necklace as a freebie, and this reminded me of my black G Field rose shoes - not free, but so pretty.
The hair is in the colour "mocha" - at the moment in House of Heart you get a free wearable (non demo) mocha hair in any style where you take a demo version. Great value! The tights are from a priced set called Indian Summer that I bought from Battered Boudoir a year ago.

Liru - Wool Bolero (lucky chair): mayuki nozaki, Yabusaka (42, 169, 23)
Liru - Flower Dress (lucky chair): mayuki nozaki, Yabusaka (42, 169, 23)
Pearl Necklace -dark mix (free): G FIeld, YABU (148, 110, 23)
Lady Rose Shoes -black: G FIeld, YABU (148, 110, 23)
Runway hair in mocha (free with Runway demo): House of Heart Designs, Tropical Escape (127, 70, 23)