Friday, 27 February 2009


I journeyed to the Journey sim for their hunt and picked up a couple of pretty things. However, something caught my eye that wasn't in the hunt - namely this bubble dress from Ivalde. It is a freebie, on the wall in Ivalde's shop on Journey.

I also spent a LONG time haunting the lucky chair in Riddle, and eventually snagged the Giraffe heels in pink. I tried on the pink tiara from Violet Voltaire that was part of the Journey hunt, but this wreath looked prettier. It isn't free, but I think it's good value for 150 Linden, and it has a colour change HUD to change the colours of the flowers.

Vinca dress from Ivalde (freebie at Journey shop)
KimNo dress (Pink Gloves) from LeeZhu Baxter (originally freebie)
Solid Tintable Lycra Tights from GLAM
Giraffe Heels - Pink from Riddle: Valentines Island (213, 43, 22)
Wreath of Flowers from Evie's Closet
Natural Rings Necklace from Caroline's (75 Linden)
Eyes from Miriel (Moonbow, not free)


I was in Riddle to snag the Giraffe shoes (see the next post) and these jeans came up on my letter in the other lucky chair. Immediately I remembered the Painter shoes at the Gnubie store. I added some nice glasses (from a set of different glasses at Ottico) and the group gift from Ornamental Life. Really nice to see that designer back in SL, and immediately generous to her group!

White - Colored Paint capris: Riddle (lucky chair gift)
February Glaciers - Knee Deep shirt: Ornamental Life (February Group Gift)
Anne Shiny Bangle (Color Changing): Talisman (former group gift)
Painter Shoe: Shiny Things (free in the Gnubie Store)
Glasses: Ottico (free in box at "ottico" Koenji (107, 137, 39)
Pearl Rose Earring -pink- G. Field (Journey hunt)
Avarice hair: was freebie in BishWear
Merope skin: Eloh Eliot (free in Gnubie store, part of Pleiades set)

Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Fairy grace

My friend Zoe agreed to pose in some of her favourite valentine bounty. Only the hair and the skin are still available free, but it shows what lovely items can be picked up on the grid. The dress, skin and wings were free from Fancy Fairy. The main outfit was just for Valentine's Day, but you can still get the skin, some mint-coloured wings and some lingerie free at the main Fancy Fairy shop.
Her white hair is free as part of a Drow Avatar set, free at Monsoon. There is a plain version, and also a version which emits white blossom in a gentle cloud. The red hair is in a box, free by the Monsoon entrance, together with a hair stick and a free AO. The earrings were also a Valentine instore freebie, from Violet Voltaire. Her eyes were the only priced items (from Miriel).

Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Dark Phoenix

I thought I was going to be in that SySy red dress for a long while - then I tried on this freebie from the new store, Phoenix Rising (on the Einstein sim) ... it has a wonderful shape to the skirt which makes you feel like a queen. It comes with a version without the pink bows, too. With it I am still wearing the Bishwear freebie Avarice hair, and also some freebie shoes that I picked up a couple of days ago at the opening of the new Ibizarre shop. I think I got them on one of the upstairs floors. My diamond solitaire earrings and necklace were not free, but they were cheap in celebration of the Earthstones birthday, and they are beautifully made. I found them on a table with birthday champagne inside the Earthstones main store. Finally, the gloves were part of a LZB dress that I picked up as a freebie last Christmas.