Thursday, 30 April 2009

Radio on

I had an enjoyable time in AM Radio's Welsh Lakes sim: 3 amazing artworks/ landscapes, one at ground level and two in the sky. The two sky ones are shown here. In the top one there are umbrellas tumbling round as well, and you can get a Mary Poppins umbrella free (it unfurls when you fly)
Anyway - on to the clothes. I'm afraid that the main two items in these pictures are not free, but the En Svale "chiffon dress" is adorable and cost under 200 Linden. The "Rhama" necklace is also priced, but one of many striking pieces at Uzuri.
The rest is free: this is another pair of freebie stockings from Jill, the brown cow hide wedges were a hunt freebie from Baby Monkey, and the bangles are from the free store Yak and Yeti. I'm yet again wearing the Avarice hair that I got free (though it's free no longer) from Bishhair.

Friday, 24 April 2009

Purple pleasures

Some great freebie-hunting started with the Periquita group gift shoes - a dream in aubergine patterned leather. I was seeking out mauve toned items to go with it and ended up with this spring-like combination. The tights were in a freebie pack on the wall of Jill: there is a pack of dark and of pale coloured tights. While I was there I joined the Jill group and snapped up the dress in the final picture, together with a couple of others - fun and flirty items.

However I didn't feel the black and white dress really toned in with the shoes, and it wasn't until I came across the light patterned summer dress above that I felt satisfied. It was possibly a dollarbie rather than a freebie from anuenue. The jewelry was free: the necklace and the earrings are from the Lucky boards at Twinkleberry: they change letters every 5 minutes and include a wildcard, so you don't usually have to wait too long to get some loot! The glowing bracelets are not free any more, but were part of the Easter Hunt from Alienbear Gupte. I am still wearing the Avarice hair from BishHair.