Sunday, 28 June 2009

Hair fair

In this post I show off a couple of items that were freebies or dollaries at the Hair Fair, plus some items from the new Fabulously Free HQ on the Car Wash sim. I picked up some nice hair and will be showing it off in future posts, but probably my favourite was this Angelica style from Rock Candy: a dollarbie pack included all colours. Sari's had freebie dreadlocks on her stand, but I'm showing her other Hair Fair gift, the Fringe Bene baby doll dress with beaded hem. The Peacock hair flower (there's a little feather at the top) was also free in the Fuel booth. I wanted some cover up for my legs, so I visited the Fabulously Free HQ and found a nice freebie pack from Malt which included a dress and these Genista jeans. Baby Monkey had been generous as usual, and the pretty red pumps and little red shoulder bag are from BM. To complete the outfit, U&R Dogs had donated pretty Cyprian bangles and matching earrings.
Later on I visited the new Yezibah sim, where Ibizarre has relocated. Although it was a whole 50 Linden, I couldn't resist the beach bag replete with goodies that you see in the second picture!

Friday, 26 June 2009

Sascha style

Sascha has gifted a lovely dress to her group, with a worked bodice and transluscent wrap: the Gaggle dress in Turqoise. Fortunately I discovered this gift from Eolande in my inventory that matches the dress perfectly: Hibiscus Hair Pin in silvermist.
My hair was a DSN gift from JADAStyle: Catherine in black. I am wearing two dollarbie items from PURE: the flowerbracelet and flat necklace.In the picture below I am relaxing in the Life is Good sim.

Tuesday, 16 June 2009


A quick post to feature two items from ALB Dreams and two from Duh! The skirt is a group gift from ALB Dreams which you find instore: join the LAMU group and make sure your group tag is activated. Since it does NOT come with glitch pants I kept on the Pizzacato Poppies pants and shirt - the waistband of that outfit seemed to go nicely with the multicolours in the skirt. The hair is also from ALB: a very unusual new style, and this colour was only a few Linden as a special offer.
I visited Duh! to collect the free clogs that everyone had been blogging - I think this pair was free as part of one of the hunts featured instore. However I was even more pleased with the Mosaic necklace - a distinctive design and a nice contrast between the various stones and gems. This was a group gift - I think a Subscribomatic group.

Two items from Earthstones made up the ensemble. The bangle had been free (it is almost an Earthstones logo!) , but it was single strand. It is Copy, so I made a copy, attached it to my hand and edited to place it over the wrist, then I wore the usual forearm-attached bangle too. The earrings (just seen) were a celebration gift last year.

Thursday, 4 June 2009

Poppies with pride

I finally snagged the Pizzacato Poppies dress from the Lucky Chair at Icing, and as you can see, it's a dream. I accessorised it simply with the Floria bangles that were in a former GF Field hunt, a Kunstkammer necklace free in a St Patrick's day hunt and Maitreya pumps from the generous Suscribomatic gift pack.

My hair is NOT free: it's the luscious Piper II from Maitreya. My eyes are from Miriel and the skin was Nuclear Boutique (no longer available).

The "flying" picture was taken at the PopFuzz shop. It has a great "healing room" - when you go in and click on the floor, a night sky globe rezzes around you and you can click on a "float" ball.

Tuesday, 2 June 2009

En famille

This is the 75 Linden Famille dress from Sari's that I mentioned in my last post. Isn't it charming? I am still wearing the TooToo shoes from Periquita, and my Avarice hair. I added freebie stockings from Jill (look on her mainstore wall)

My jewelry is: GF Field's Floria bangle in pink (a hunt gift, now over), Ruffian's large pearl earrings (Ruffian is a great store of freebies/dollarbies), and Moontan's onyx marbles necklace (think this was a hunt freebie too).

And where am I? I'm stalking the lucky chair in Icing! It seems to have been through every letter except D, some of them twice. If I ever get the dress, I'll blog it.

Monday, 1 June 2009

Purple day

Today has been nominated a "purple" day to mark support for cancer survivors. I took advantage of Callie Cline's bargain offer - all of her Jeans at 50 Linden. These are the Floral Wash Purple jeans that were only released quite recently. I dug into my inventory and found the Periquita group gift TooToo shoes (I'm afraid this is past now) and also an old free hunt item by Sari's , the Robe Cardigan. When I checked out her shop I couldn't find the Robe Cardigan, but I did find lots of other things, all very reasonably priced (e.g. 75 Linden for the pretty Famille Rose dress, or 45 Linden for a top). In fact she has improved her texture work since this cardigan was made, but I kept it on as I felt it went with the overall look. The picture is taken in her shop.

Underneath this I had a previous "weekly freebie" from Concrete Flowers, namely their Beams offshoulder top (in grey) and also their current weekly freebie, the Cat Socks in Violet. The socks do actually have a cute cat design, but that is hidden by my jeans.
The earrings were the 5 Linden Relay For Life Zivanit earrings from Alienbear Gupte and the Cuff Up Bangels in Spring Fling are still in the Subscribomatic sign-up board at the Royal Blue main store.
My eyes are by Miriel, and the hair is BishWear's Avaraice.