Monday, 16 November 2009

Classic black

This is a classic, cool look with some stellar pieces. The Maitreya soho boots are worth their full price, but for a mere click of their Subscribomatic instore you can get this versatile black patent and suede pair. I am still wearing my new favourite hair, Find Ash's freebie Normal Hair[Charcoal Gray]. I also still have the comfy dark leggings from the C'est La Vie lucky chair. With its own unique style, the Sugarcube former opening gift of the pine straw dress is sculpted loveliness. Caroline's Natural Rings necklace was not free, but very cheap, and its simple, yet unusual, gold links make an elegant statement. An element of whimsy is brought in by the GJK slice of summer bird pierce earrings. I am also wearingIbizarre freebie nail polish, and Pixeldolls' group gift Peachy skin.