Tuesday, 26 January 2010

More summer dreaming

Just a variation on the last look. The new things are the pretty Analog Dog Noel hair, one of the freebie hairs you can find in a ball in the Analog Dog shop, the freebie leggings from Dollface, and the Moscva and London freebie Blithe Bangles, part of two sets to be found in their store.
As before: the Anuenue group gift of an Xmas Patchwork knit Tunic with free matching boots; The rose scarf by *+.RP.+* from the 7 Herbs hunt gift; the colour-change Innocence garland from Evie's Closet; and PixelDolls Catalina, Peachy! skin, which was a group gift.

Friday, 8 January 2010

Dreaming of summer

I am here wearing the Anuenue group gift (go instore to claim) of an Xmas Patchwork knit Tunic with free matching boots. I am cosy in the black tights that I got with an Ivalde dress. My dark hair is not free (it is Maitreya's Piper II in Coffee) but the blonde hair (by Liriope) is free as part of the Japanese "7 herb" hunt on the Roman sim. The rose scarf by *+.RP.+* is also a hunt gift. The indian bangles are free instore at the Zaara outlet near the Shiki store (mentioned in the last post). Wreathing my head is the colour-change Innocence garland from Evie's Closet: this isn't free either, but I actually obtained it free since I got a storecard as a gift in one of Evie's lucky dips. The skin is PixelDolls Catalina, Peachy!, which was a group gift. The main picture was taken on a very nice item from KIDD Creation: called "a piece of grass" it includes meadow, bench, poses and trellis and is only 10 Linden.

Thursday, 7 January 2010

New year ceremonies

The feature of this post is the beautiful free yakata (this one is called Kiku) from Shiki. There are three yukata each for men and women free in this lovely new year tea house, just by their shop. It includes geta (shoes) and a bag (just seen in 2nd picture). I am wearing it with hair that is no longer available, I'm afraid, as the shop closed: Orchid Dreams' Empress hair

Saturday, 2 January 2010

Happy new year!

And happy new year from my Shai lizard boots, my Truth Festive Geri hair, the group gift Mimikri Nina dress and the Belle Belle group gift piano!