Monday, 29 March 2010

Relaxing at home

I have a delightful Linden Home, and here I am relaxing in another amazing group gift from Kunglers, . I still have on my Lelutka group gift skin and the Tee*fy Red Packet Hunt leggings. Other old freebie favourites that you may have seen in previous posts are the W&Y no. 14 model hair, the GJK bird cage necklace from the Slice of Summer hunt and the Ear Candy boho earrings from a previous jewelry fair. The red Lizard boots from Shai that complete the look so nicely weren't free, but I snapped them up on a fifty Linden Friday (or it could have been a 60 Linden Sunday!)

Sunday, 28 March 2010

Far horizons

Oops! I meant to post this look a couple of weeks ago, but better late than never! It started with the Sweetheart dress in black from Jinkies, which I got in the 10L car wash sale: though in fact it was less than 10 Linden! I wanted to make it a bit more demure, so it has the Remember Chloe - Starry Night - corset underneath. Round my neck I have Sari's Patched Up Scarf which I picked up as a freebie at lat year's clothing fair.
I'm wearing two bracelets: Violet Voltaire's Love in a Void Bracelet and the Valentine freebie from U&R Dogs, the Tweedle Dee Bracelet, and I'm swinging the Amy bag in dark red from Elegance Hats which I think I got at the Ivalde sim opening.
The Tee*fy leggings were a Red Packet hunt item, and the shearling boots were a free item in SF Design last month. The Couverture first hair:A was also a freebie, in this case a group gift, as was the Lelutka skin, IFElight-VAMP

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Beach wedding

I wasn't going to do a Beach Bride, but when I got this Pop Feel maxi dress as a group gift, it seemed ideal, and the look fell together. The necklace and earrings may be a cheat, since I picked them up free at a Wedding Fair - but I think that in Chalice's Challenge it was only the dress that wasn't to be an official wedding item. I also realised I had never even tried them on - and they are really pretty, the butterfly on the necklace is very delicate!

The heart-emitting Mystique Rose was dropped automatically on people when they went near the dance floor on the Mystique sim (not sure if it's there any more) and is really cute. The Maxi Dress was free to group members in the Pop Feel shop. The Model 14 hair is from W&Y, one of their gifts at their new store opening and in my hair I am wearing the Oslo hair corsage from AtomicBambi. The Kimberly (pale) skin was a freebie from :A.Y.Y: The Tweedle Dee Bracelet was a Valentine gift from U&R Dogs, the Pearl Rose Ring was a hunt gift from G.Field and the Pure Butterfly Earrings and necklace are from CCD (free at Wedding Expo).