Monday, 19 July 2010

Love from Utopia 4

Utopia 4 has no shops and no freebies - in fact it doesn't have much at all in the way of civilised society, more of a distopia really - but it's a stunning sim to visit.
I am mostly wearing booty from a trip to the broadcasting studio of Fabulously Fashion, where there are quite a number of gifties laid out. I am wearing the Retro t-shirt from Mechanism, pants from a suit by SySy, Joey hair by MADesigns, NX Dark earrings and necklace by Alienbear Gupte, shoes from the Natasha outfit by Donna Flora, and sunglasses by Glow Studio. Those are all Fabulously Fashion gifts. I am also carrying Orta's Estelle handbag that was one of the freebies in the Orta opening gift, as was my Lelutka skin

Monday, 12 July 2010

Sea daze

In this outfit I combine the height of couture, the skirt from the Sea Star dress by Paris Metro (a hunt gift) and summer casual, the Concrete Flowers Bieber Fever Shirt (group gift). Kloka has a new free pink vinyl bag out, and Dark Mouse gifted her group these Vintage Fleur Dis Lis Earrings this month. I already blogged the free Flip flops back to basics from IHS In her Shoes and I tinted a past gift (DSN or hair fair) FUEL's Flowery peacock hair accessorie. The Lelutka Lola skin was part of the wonderful Orta opening subscribo gift in Heartless City and I picked up Exile's Leslie hair free at some point.

Thursday, 1 July 2010

Boho summer

A wonderful summery look that wasn't completely free, but put together for about 200Linden. Free were the Izumiya leather bracelets (free in store), the G Field Hibiscus Hair Clip (past hunt gift) and the Dark Mouse Straw Summer Bag (past group gift). I got several items at the Dressing Room, for 70 Linden or less: booN's LOK255 hair in pink, the glow Folk Green Drop Earrings and the Tuli Gina 02 skin. I also had great finds at the Vinyl Cafe where there are excellent freebies, and the Boho chic gown in brown which cost 25 Linden, with a similar price for the Wrap Sandal in red.