Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Autumn feeling

We are certainly into autumn now, but there are still some sunny days. I'm prepared for the time of year in this cardigan by Pig which was a Seasons hunt gift, the ruffle socks from G.Field that were a group gift and cosy freebie boots from Duh. The denim pants were a lucky board item from Pop Feel, which has had some very nice freebie items recently. The apple chair was also a prize in the Seasons hunt (from Art Dummy & LISP). The Mala armband and earrings were freebies in a hunt some time ago by Mashooka. My Falling Leaves Belly Ring is a group freebie from Earthstones. Tuli's Audrey skin was a group gift. The hair was not free though: it's Maitreya's Miabella.