Saturday, 21 May 2011

Not feeling blue

Despite what I'm wearing, I'm not feeling blue at the moment. In fact I'm feeling pretty good about the freebies I picked up. The pretty Tristin blouse was free in the Mashooka hunt, the Kenaf hair was a subscriber freebie from SFBH, the sunglasses from Barnesworth Anubis were in the Rue d'Antibes hunt and I'm sure I got the SLink buckle dress pants free, I just can't remember when. The skin is the past group gift from Tuli, Audrey. The only thing I paid for were the straw button ballets by Duh. They were a whole 20 Linden from the Albero gatcha fair. The first picture was taken in Slow.

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Olive elegance

I haven't been doing the 52 weeks of colour challenge, but this Olive outfit seemed just perfect for it this week. It is mostly put together from past hunts and gifts. The Janay dress in Olive was an item in the Ivalde treasure hunt, the Aviator Sunglasses were from Barnes in the Rue d'Antibes hunt, with JUNK's Zantedeschia Earrings from the same hunt. I think the LaGyo_Butterfly love ring was part of the Albero Kawaii hunt, together with Duh!'s Floral Linen Flats. I got the hair on SL Marketplace, Melanie in coral, a dollarbie from Edelstore. The Audrey skin from Tuli is a past group gift.
Two of the pictures were taken in the Costa Rica region, where the welcome centre has a whole heap of nice freebies, including the very elegant texture change touto hand-bag from Ludere.