Sunday, 17 May 2009

Symphony in blue

Zoe agreed to model this stunning dress that was a Mother's Day freebie from Nicky Ree: the Satin Shine dress in blue floral. Of course, the plain pink version of Satin Shine is a constant freebie in her store, and the other colours are also good value. This dress has a fabulous chiffon skirt that swirls as you walk. Another freebie set goes amazngly well: the Vintage sets of necklace, bangle bracelet and earrings are all free in the (luc) store (formerly Earthtones) owned by Luc Lameth. This is the spring colour which picks out the colours in the dress. The headpiece and the spiral bracelet are part of the huge Slither set which Random Calliope offers free to all SL residents. You can pick up a substantial number of these sets in a package in the CILR building on Infolit iSchool. Zoe is wearing the Powder Blue version. Her hair was part of the free drow avatar that was previously available at Monsoon (I just blogged the current freebie at Monsoon, see the last entry). Her skin is the free skin at Fancy Fairy and her wings (just seen) are also from there, but not free.

Saturday, 16 May 2009

Mystique journey

These lovely brown shoes, a subscribomatic gift from G Field, were the start of my quest today. Just go to their mainstore, click the group board (if you haven't already). If you are already a member, click the board, select History and look at the recent messages which have the gift attached.

In the first picture I am wearing Jill stockings (free on the store wall at Jill), a skirt which I'm afraid is no longer available (free from Bijou) and a top which is part of a current dollarbie set at Concrete Flowers. These are really versatile tops and come in a selection of colours. The jewelery is all freebie from Yak and Yeti and I have on my favourite Avarice hair.

In the second picture I have on the bodice, obi and skirt from the free set at Monsoon; the "Earth Fire" outfit which includes a lot more items including long flowing hair. I give a closeup of the fan tucked into the obi. With it I have the Basha hair which is free today in all colours at Dark Mouse. While I was there I picked up the freebie pack of jewels she has out, and am wearing the Fleur de Lys necklace.

All the pictures were taken in the lovely Mystique island. It is well worth a visit. You get the heart-emitting rose free when you walk, fly past the open-air dance floor area, and in the second picture I am doing Tai Chi in front of the temple.

Platform Shoes "Rosette" -brown: G Field (group gift)
Stockings in brown: Jill (free)

First picture:
Beams offshoulder top in brown: Concrete Flowers (dollabie)
Poison skirt: Bijou (no longer available)
Leather bracelet, Tibetan Cuff Mantra, Filigree Tibetan Bracelet with Amber , Tibetan Earring with Amber, Tibetan Pendant Mantra: all Yak & Yeti (all free in store - go upstairs)

Second Picture
Basha hair in black: Dark Mouse (free in store)
Fleur de lis in Glass Pendant Necklace: Dark Mouse (pack of freebies in store)
Earth fire outfit - Monsoon (freebie in store)

Sunday, 10 May 2009


This outfit results from the Mashooka sim celebration - there were lots of free little boxes scattered around, with delightful Mashooka garments inside them. Here I am wearing a blouse and trousers from the event.

While I was wearing this, Pixeldolls dropped a pretty group gift, lace collar and "gloves" from the Bella set. These are decorating my hands, together one of the Yak and Yeti bangle sets that are always useful.

My hair (Avarice from BishHair), shoes (Baby Monkey brown hide wedges), necklace (Uzuri's Rhama necklace, not free), skin (an old skin from a Relay for Life event) and eyes (Miriel, not free) are as in the last picture. I am relaxing at the home and garden exhibition that just finishes today, in a Queen Anne chair from GOS.

Blouse Meena blouse in green: Mashooka (free hunt item)
Pantalon in lightbeige: Mashooka (free hunt item)
Glass Bangles "all together" red set:Yak & Yeti (free in shop)
Bella . Gold . Lace Gloves: PixelDolls (group gift)