Saturday, 29 August 2009

Flower Power

This outfit started with a Designers Showcase Network gift, VLW's Flowerchild Wreath in Teal and Yellow. I visited the store later, and you can get this in a number of colours for 25 Linden. It went nicely with another DSN gift, Tiny Bird's Olivia hair in Pepper. I wanted something flower child to put with it, so I visited Sari's. She actually had a free dress out, but I thought this one went better: it is 75 Linden, so didn't exactly break the bank. It is called the Ice Embers Dress. I must confess that it does not have shoulderstraps: I only just now realised that I had left on a Sugarcube undershirt: however I think the straps add to it ;-)
The skin is back to full price now, but when I was putting the look together, there was a call that this skin would be free for two hours: it is Firefall's Sofian Freckles Skin in Rose 2. Finally, I have the free IZUMIYA Bracelet in brown and (no longer available) Sasa shoes in "Blue Spring" by Orchid Dreams. The pose (not free) is by Lotta.

Saturday, 22 August 2009

Ivalde inspiration

The focus of this post is the 3rezday group gift from Ivalde, the Morina dress in blue. The Mashooka group gift from about a month ago, the green shell bracelet and necklace seemed to go perfectly, as did the Maitreya Group Gift Pumps, which come in many colours, and I selected the blue ones. The Rosy Mood hair and Ibizarre nails are as before.

Friday, 21 August 2009

Imperial delight

There is another lovely lucky chair gift from Icing, well worth the wait for your initial to come up. It is the Imperial Blossom dress in Pink, beautifully textured as ever. I have grown very fond of my ROSY MOOD Melon Flower hat hair (a Slice of Summer hunt gift). Whilst on a hunt, I visited IZUMIYA and found a set of Bracelets (this one Dark Brown&Pink) free on the shop wall. The gifts keep coming from the Designer Showcase Network, and the shoes are by Coriander, Silver Bow Pumps. I am also still wearing the Ibizarre nail polish (free in store) in pale fuschia this time and the Pink Fuel shoulder bat from the SoS hunt.

Thursday, 6 August 2009


Firstly, there are a couple of items from the watermelon (Slice of Summer, SOS) hunt that only has a couple more days to go! I am wearing the Cutey Honey sweet necklace and earrings. While I was there I got this very cute free/dollarbie hair from them.

The anklet is the SOS item from Rozoregalia. The dress is a DSN gift from WhoNose: the Riika dress, and I think there was a nice hunt gift from them too. The tights are freebies at Royal Blue, the "Line to the Crown" tights which have lines up the back with little crowns at the top. Finally, Nissa Rayna is unfortunately giving up her shop, and she had these boots marked down to 25 Linden.

Nicky Ree elegance

I seem to have forgotten to post this lovely item: the Nicky Ree Satin Shine floral gowns were on offer to group members, and here is the gown in orange. It went beautifully with the green shell jewelery that was a group gift from Mashooka. Also on offer was hair from Bishwear, since many hairs were being retired. This is Corazon in MidnightBlack. With it I am wearing Ibizarre Nail polish in spicy orange (free in store) and carrying an old group gift from BM: Grab Bag in Oriental Gold. Not seen, but toning perfectly, are the Maitreya Group Gift Pumps in Tawny. The Leafy pose is by Kaethe Dyrssen