Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Church wedding

Chalice put out a wedding dress challenge, which was a wonderful idea: I'm a bit late posting, but here it is! The challenge was to use things in your inventory, that weren't wedding gowns. Therefore a number of these items are not available any more. In particular, I'm not sure that Wrong are still around, which is a pity, since this is a lovely dress. It would have looked classic on its own, but I wanted a bit more froth, so I added a petticoat and a fur wrap. The photo was taken at the Brigadoon chapel.

Amity Dress: Wrong (past freebie)
Ludique Dress skirt (worn as lace petticoat): Perse (group gift)
Fur wrap from Rouge taffeta with fur dress: Nonna Hedges (past gift, I think instore)
Kitty Cyrus Pearl necklace and earrings: Alienbear Gupte (group gift)
Tweedle Dee Bracelet: U&R Dogs (Valentine gift)
LeeZu Baxter: Colour change flower (past group gift)
Kissy Kissyhair in Pepper: Tiny Bird (past hunt gift)
Toes sandal white flower: Irrestistible (past dollarbie in store)
Catalina peachy! skin: Pixeldolls (group gift)
Moonbow eyes: Miriel (no longer available)

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Happy Valentine

A lot of the hearts in these photos come from U&R Dogs. That includes the very cute doll that revolves round, emitting hearts. She was actually part of the gift box that U&R Dogs jewelry came in: their boxes are always lovely! I got the Adagio earrings through a 20 minute camp in their shop, the Partita necklace cost (I think) 30 Linden in the gatcha in the main store (it dispenses this necklace in different colours) and the bracelet is a "mailbox" gift in their shop on the LVS sim.

I am still wearing the Duh creamsicle backpack and Amacci hair. My blouse is a freebie in the shop. The pants were a previous Valentine gift from Persona. Finally, these black shearling boots were a freebie in SF designs and under them (just seen) I have valentine stockings (sheer red, with hearts on them) from Tee*fy (whose tights everyone seems to be blogging!).

Saturday, 6 February 2010

Valentine creamsicle

A little variation on the last post. I snapped up this supercute :Duh!:: Creamsicle Backpack (dollarbie or freebie) and also a couple of pairs of Velvet Flats at the same shop (one pair a group gift, one a lucky chair item.) An amazing dollarbie was the Millette Elisabeth Arrogant necklace in green, which I paired with a past rez day gift (her rezday) from EarthStones of pretty green earrings. The hair is a freebie at Amacci - Adena in Black Coal.

Valentine sweetheart

This gorgeous frock was the January group gift from Ivalde. It moves beautifully and would be just perfect for a Valentine's date! I am still wearing the W&Y Model Hair. I have also put the rose scarf back on, that was a gift from *+.RP.+* in the herb hunt. My gloves were picked up some time ago from Amrita. The finishing touch is the La vie est belle Bag, a freebie from JE*REPUBLIC.

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Cocktail hour

I'm wearing a past group gift from Sascha's Designs but such is her generosity, if you join her group, you can still get it (September 2009 gown, with the other group gifts in her shop). It seemed to go perfectly with the fluffy MODEL HAIR 14 from W&Y and the fairy tail androgynous Necklace and earrings set, both of which were free gifts at the Def Luv fashion show. I'm still wearing Moscva and London free bangles and dollface basic leggings (black), plus some glossy Tesla pumps (Felicity) that were freebies a while back.