Friday, 21 May 2010


This is one of the Baiastace 3rd anniversary dresses that everyone's been blogging. It's a stunning gown with a dramatic sweep of lacey skirt and a bow on the left shoulder. The Dark Mouse Alex hair seemed to work well with it (the flowers are part of the hair), and I also kept on the lace wrist bands from the Mashooka gloves in my last post. The Mashooka Isha earrings also seemed just perfect. I love the Alienbear Gupte Kitty Cyrus pearl necklace: the textures are gorgeous. Finally, I pulled an Orchid Dreams parasol out of my inventory. That shop closed down last year, but when I checked (more in hope than expectation) I found to my delight that it has reopened in a little skybox, with a selection of items, including this parasol!


Here I've got on some more freebies from the Mashooka hunt: the Blossom blouse, the Isha earrings and the white lace gloves from the Mireille set. The blouse matched almost exactly the cocktail skirt that was a group gift from Sascha in January 2009 (all her group gifts are still available in her shop). I'm also wearing the free hair from Dark Mouse, Alex, in the licorice colour. The Mikaela shoes from SLink are still worn, and my group gift skin from Tuli, Sayuri.

Thursday, 13 May 2010

Delicate spring

I decided that spring - or possibly even summer - had come with this delicate ensemble. I dusted off the G.Field Straw Floppy Hat in beige&white ribbon, which was a gift lat year, and fitted it over the kik miss*long hair that I got for 30 Linden. I tried on some more of the hunt-gift Mashooka Arpita collection - the armband and necklace. The dress was a gift from Towa once I joined their group: the sweet white dress. I have copied the skirt (attaching a copy to both pelvis and stomach) to make it longer and fluffier. The shoes were an extravagence: definitely not free, they are the new SLink Mikaela in gold, with foot-in-shoe.
I picked up the balloon free outside an art gallery: it was a neon flower balloon from Usako.

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Mashooka gold

Mashooka had a hunt (actually you didn't have to hunt - the boxes were all lying around in view!) Of the many prizes I am wearing the Arpita earrings and nosering, and the Spring dress in green. I have shown a back view here because I think the gold straps at the back are particularly lovely. I tinted some old Royal Blue Tintable Footless Tights and wore the subscribo-gift Maitreya shoes in gold. I paid 30 Linden for red kik's miss*long hair (I tinted the hair ornament gold), but in the 2nd picture I still have on my Zero Style (priced) hair from the last outfit. The Fairy Tail Bracelets were a Linden, but they might not be available now. My skin is Tuli's group gift of Sayuri tone 1 and the freebie Nail polishes are still available at the remodelled Ibizarre (on the counter).