Thursday, 17 June 2010

Gainsborough lady

This gown from Kouse's Sanctum is called Boleyn Girl, but with this hair from Boon (enigmatically called XFE275 hair purple) I thought it looked rather more like a portrait by Gainsborough, with the hair acting as hair and hat. The gown is a free gift when you sign up to the subscribomatic in the shop, and I also got the Antigone earrings for free by rummaging in the Kouse's Sanctum trreasure chest (you only have to wait a minute between rummages). The hair was not free, but came in a pack of 4 different hair for only 70 Linden in the Dressing Room (where several different designers offer cheap limited-time goods).

Tuesday, 15 June 2010


I was sad to see that Coquette was having a closing down sale, but I profited by buying an alluring fatpack of coquettish lingerie for only 75 Linden. Whilst I was doing a skimpies shoot, I thought I would also try on the glossy swimwear I got as a freebie from DNR. I must also mention my new find, the Vignette and In Her Shoes shops that have completely free items!

(Dimi on the bench) Flip flops back to basics: IHS In her Shoes (free)
Nadia liquid swimsuit in red: Designing Nicky Ree group gift
Schadenfreude earrings, Sayuri skin (Tuli) and Hairy Situations hair (as in previous post)

(Dimi on the bed)
1. All that Glitters I in black: Coquette; and Mikaela shoes (not free) in gold. Hair, skin and earrings as previously.
2. All that Glitters II in black: Coquette (back view: the front of this is rather revealing); Afro Hair with bow: Bliss Couture (free in store); Amour stud earrings: Alienbear Gupte (previous group gift); Sayuri skin (Tuli).
3. All that Glitters III in black (babydoll) (with layers from ATG I, added for modesty's sake): Coquette; and babouches in black by 2g; Ellie hair in charcoal: Vignette (free). Amour stud earrings: Alienbear Gupte; Sayuri skin (Tuli)

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Dimitrova at Dusk

I found the new group gift from G. Field, the halter top, goes beautifully with the skirt from the June 2010 Sascha group gift, a pretty floral dress. A real summery feel is added by the goldfish fanny pack which is a dollarbie from Concrete Flowers (where the pictures were taken) and the wedges which were a former group gift from ALB Dream. The salt taffy bangles were a former freebie from FBG, and the plastic heart earrings from Schadenfreude. My hair was one of the sale bargains from the Hairy Situations close down, and the skin is Sayuri, a former group gift from Tuli.

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Floating down the aisle

Another amazing gift from Towa is this short wedding dress in green. It comes with the headress and veil. The Dark Mouse Leaves Bracelet in Silver was a group gift and I am also wearing the Kitty Cyrus Pearl necklace and earrings from Alienbear Gupte. To complete the wedding look I have a simple little Petit_bouquet by terre that I picked up some time ago. My hair was not free: Zero Style's Midori and neither were the Jolie Barefoot High Base Mikaela shoes from SLINK. I am wearing the same Sayuri skin (former group gift).