Sunday, 20 July 2008

Gorgeous gowns

Two lovely gowns that I picked up for no more than 1 Linden between them! Nicky Ree has put up a sumptuous red gown for a single Linden. The necklace and earrings were the freebie Earthtones items that I mentioned in my last post. I found I had a number of red gloves in my inventory, because of all the Christmas gowns I picked up, and this pair seemed to go the best. It would be a simple matter to create your own (system) gloves and colour them red, also. The hair was (only) 30 Linden

I found the black wrist rosette in a shop in Fanghammer: it and the lace gloves I'm wearing in the next photo were the shop freebie. I had visited Fanghammer to collect the free dress, which I'd seen on the feeds. With this gown, I am wearing the same hair, jewelry, tights and shoes as in my previous post.

Satin shine glitter gown - red (1 Linden): Nicky Ree, Tropical Orchid (230, 128, 30)
Ambrosia Earrings and necklace (celistia/gold) (free at this location): EARTHTONES, La Palmita (111, 174, 22)
Omen "paint the town red" gloves from their Xmas dress (no longer available)
Taiga model dress (black) (free): De Nada, Fanghammer (38, 223, 22)
Black Roses Glove and wrist rose (free): Amrita, Fanghammer (117, 7, 453)
W&Y yuki 37 black hair (worn with red dress): W and Y, TSUKIJI (164, 205, 22)
New classic pumps black (group gift) (worn in bith photos): Baby Monkey, Dindrane Elfor (221, 27, 31)
For black dress - other items as in previous post.

Saturday, 19 July 2008

Green elegance

A fairly straightforward look, based on a short but elegant dress that I picked up at a new-to-me designer. It wasn't free, but I thought reasonably priced. I accessorised it with a simple set of bangles and a more elaborate Earthtones necklace that makes the outfit special. This necklace again was not free, but I did pick up a nice freebie from a new Earthtones outlet on La Palmita (which is where a lot of these pictures were taken). I brought out my trusty GLAM tintable tights, and tinted them a pale green and just as I was wondering what hair to use, Moire Georgette dropped the Lazy Jane fatpack of hair on her group - which went with the look perfectly.

BeadsDress [green]: UnPick, Jonetsu Island (183, 122, 22)
The New Grazia Necklace gold jade: EARTHTONES, Muse (77, 170, 10) and on La Palmita (111, 174, 22)
Wax Bangle * mirrors * green set (free): Yak & Yeti, Hillies Dreamland (42, 57, 21)
Bronze Paragon in Emerald (group gift): Talisman, Talisman (206, 56, 22)
New classic pumps black (group gift): Baby Monkey, Dindrane Elfor (221, 27, 31)
Tintable tights (free): Viva La Glam , Viva La Glam (113, 141, 76)
Lazy Jane hair(chocolate)(group gift): Comme il Faut & Le Salon - chic , Shubelik (68, 166, 701)

Thursday, 10 July 2008

Flower power

Sorry for the long gap - I've been on travels in RL - and I really liked my last outfit ;-)

However, when I saw this yummy retro top on the blog feeds, I realised it was time for a change. It is a group gift, and this designer just showers her group members with cute gifts! I tried a few different things with it. I thought it was rather 70s and so the flower power jeans (freebie) seemed to go rather well. Whilst I was checking the Yak and Yeti landmark, I found they had lots of good new free stuff, including the wax bangles (the larger red and coloured stack, on my right arm) worn in some pictures. There are some beautiful things, and their Indian-themed main store is a nice place to visit in itself.

When exploring the star festival skyboxes on the Isle of TranquilityI found a set of discounted skirts from Naughty, which were also in the right bohemian style, and green one toned well with the top. I wore some leggings underneath. In most of the photos I'm wearing "Morgan" hair, but in one of the pictures below I have on the Big Bomb hair that was a lucky chair prize a while ago.

I changed the bangles about - on my left arm I wore the Baby Monkey freebie (above right) to start with and then substituted a (non-freebie) Jade bangle. Worn in all the photos are the circle pendant from Persona and green wedge shoes - neither were free but both good value and I find they go with lots of outfits.

A number of the photos were taken in one of the very pretty skyboxes (designer Aya's), by the way, and some of the others in Yak&Yeti.

OHANA-KnitTubetop (green): Pig'sKick group gift

Tropical skirt (green): NAUGHTY, Isle of Tranquility (43, 145, 26)

Flowered jeans, and wax bangles (red, on right arm): Yak& Yeti, Salzburg (182, 79, 27) and Mainstore in Hillies Dreamland (42, 57, 21) - both free - the jeans are only in the Main Store.

Enamel link bracelet in gold (recent group gift) and oriental gold bag (past treasure hunt) : Baby Monkey, Dindrane Elfor (221, 27, 31)

Bangle set in Jade (left arm): EarthStones, EarthBound (124, 138, 25)

Gold circle pendant and (free mother's day gift) Liane leggings in green: PERSONA, Plush Chi (160, 94, 22)

Hair Morgan - bitter chocolate (free "demo"): House of Heart, Tropical Escape (127, 70, 23)

Bettiepage Voyager Big Bomb Hair (lucky chair): BP*, Osaka (154,147,21)

Wood wedge sandals in green: G Field, MM21 (112, 83, 25)