Friday, 29 February 2008

Big hair

Having waited around for the BP* "lucky chair" big hair, it took me a while to work out what to wear with it. I thought that a low-cut glittery mini dress that I'd just picked up as a freebie at Pixeldolls would be good, but in the end I just felt the combo was a bit too sluttish.

In the end I found this dress from bijou in my inventory: I think it was a freebie at Christmas time, though unfortunately they don't seem to have any freebies up for grabs in the store now. I decided to go for an elegant/boho look. The leggings and boots weren't freebies, though for the leggings you could substitute the free GLAM tintable stockings I (and everyone) have blogged before.

The Helios necklace set is very striking and still available for free. I spent ages combing my inventory for the right bag, and to my surprise ended up with this one from the "Jill" box, that box of stuff for newbies that you can pick up at Calla and at many locations round the grid. It was mod, so I tinted the decorations to tone with the boots and the handle to tone with the dress. I could have changed the basic texture, but liked the straw look as it chimed in with the bangle and the general boho element.

I wanted a setting for some of the photos, so I went to the "British Invasion" exhibition in Infotainment island's Museum of Music.

Bettiepage Voyager Big Bomb Hair (lucky chair): BP*, Osaka (154,147,21)
Poison dress (gold): bijou, Takaraduka (170, 162, 33)
Glam rock leggings (gold) from Glam rock in Pink (for Susan Komen): Punch Drunk, Mischief (197, 169, 23)
Necklace and earrings, Helios for Her (in a Box marked "Free" high on a shelf): Schadenfreude, Juicy (176, 176, 24)
Boho bracelet: Caroline's Jewelry, Lo Lo (103, 232, 23) These no longer freebies, but are still quite reasonable at 50 Linden; there were also some nice wooden bangles for 30 Linden.
Classy Bag from the free "Jill" box: at Calla and other places round the grid.
Another Fundraiser skin "Passion": Nuclear Boutique
Tainted Spring boots in gold (worn without the legging parts): Fuel, Arias Requiem (142, 54, 307)

Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Pride of peacocks

You may have seen the "burlesque" freebie peacock outfit blogged. As soon as collected it I was impressed with the softness and detail of the feathers and it struck me that it would go sumptuously with a group gift from Evie's Closet a while back, the Forest dress. I just used the "derriere" and head feathers from the burlesque costume, adjusting them a little upwards in the case of the back ones and downwards in the case of the head dress (to frame my face more).
I am using all the pieces of the Forest dress. It took me a while to find a necklace - it needed to be something fairly bold and elaborate and in the end I thought this Shiny Things "Wood Elf" necklace fitted the bill. It is actually on the shirt level, rather than made of prims. It is one of the excellent Shiny Things freebies at the Gnubie store. The other jewelry and shoes were all group or advent gifts but should be available as priced items now.
Peepcock outfit: YIPs, MO Island (153, 196, 27)
Romany Kiss dress in Forest: Evie's Closet, Madison Place (62, 112, 469)
Wood Elf Necklace: Shiny Things, at the Gnubie Store
Gold star Green velvet shoes: Angels, West Sunset (207, 119, 22)
Bronze Paragon in Emerald Earrings: Talisman, Talisman (183, 83, 22)

Sage hair (darks - black): Calla, Callatropia (125, 193, 23)
Double Large Bangles: Digital Dragon, Digital Dragon.

Friday, 22 February 2008


Black and red seem to be my favourite colours. I am blogging the second of my purchases in the Icing sale: Curlicue. I am just wearing the skirt and glitch pants (there's also a cream blouse): the skirt has a net overskirt with dark embroidery, and a silken underskirt. Just lovely, and sets the tone for a delicate, elegant look.
I am wearing the skirt with a vintage silk shirt that I picked up, soon after I rezzed, for about 40 Londen and one the Pixeldolls belts that was given out as a Group gift. I think it won't be in notices any longer, but they are for sale in the store. The same goes for the jewelry (well, it was an advent gift)
The red bag was a Valentine's group gift (as in my last post) and there are lots of other nice colours in the shop. I got the shoes as a Valentine's freebie too - the white diamond version of these are free in the Tres Beau shop.
BTW, while I was checking that the Zoe hair was still a dollarbie at Frangipani (it is), I saw they have 2 more dollarbie styles - Kylie and Kira - available in all colours.
Skirt from Curlicue dress : Icing, Mischief (126, 167, 27)
Hobo Bag - Patent Cherry (group gift: still in the Notices if you join): Celestial Studios, Celestial City, (67, 240, 27)

Diana ruby necklace and earrings: Second Mirage, Second Mirage (71, 14, 22)
Red diamond slippers: Tres Beau, Lace (23, 150, 23)
Cameo belt: Pixeldolls, Port Seraphine (30, 121, 56)
Zoe in expresso (dollarbie): Frangipani Designs, Iladil (95, 57, 71)

Vintage grey blouse: - used to be in Mischief, and I haven't tracked them down yet....

Thursday, 21 February 2008

High prim in harlequin

Another blog on the Digit Darkes skirts, this time in pink. This outfit was inspired by seeing the challenge for outfits including the Shop Seu tights (see the Michami Style Blog at Harlequin tights said "ballet" to me, so that was a good excuse for the skirt, with a ballet wrap top and shoes. I decided not have too much jewelry - it might catch in the tulle as you danced around.
Ballet dancers have to work hard, so here I am in the training room in Spirit, practising at the barre and working out, and then performing on the Spirit dance theatre.

Tulle skirt in pink: Digit Darkes, Addictive (82, 137, 22)
Taitsu taight tights in blue: Shop Seu, Shimokitzawa (190, 82, 27)
Top from Elizabeth (Orchid): Last Call, Dazzle
Ballet wrap sweater in Dusk: Pedalpusher Designs, Linji (110, 229, 72)
Glass chunk double bracelet - retromix: Shiny Things, Shiny Falls (167, 173, 37)
Carollin earrings in silver/snow: Earthtones, Muse (90, 165, 108)
Ballet slippers in deep purple:Sparkle Skye, ImagineNation (222, 213, 23)
Indigo eyes: Miriel, Nouveau (116, 201,23)
Ryuuzaki hair in purple: Kin, Eventide Far East (165, 209, 45)

High prim in red

Dimitrova concentrates on free/cheap clothes which are mostly low in prims. However, unless I'm going to a crowded event, I am happy to pile on the prims, and you don't get much higher prim than the tulle skirts from Digit Darkes, at a whopping 160 prims per garment. But I love them. I was hoping they would be in the recent half price sale so I could buy yet more colours: they weren't, but I bought another colour anyway ;-)

This is the skirt in Blood, and I've worn it with Battered Boudoir opaque tights (so you just get a glossy sheen where they peek through) and the top from the free Ghost! valentine dress (which I haven't listed below since you can't get it any more), under a distinctive red knitted top from Kurotsubaki. The necklace is also one of my favourites; Yummy's "Together" with its two red dollies hanging from a chord. The flowers are from the Heart garden centre (look at the size of those daffodils!!).

Tulle skirt in Blood: Digit Darkes, Addictive (82, 137, 22)
Indigo eyes: Miriel, Nouveau (116, 201,23)
Together necklace: Yummy! at Caribe, Lions Shore (94, 85, 23)
Short knit cardigan in red: KUROTSUBAKI, Born North (240, 41, 26)
Tsuyayaka hair in blue: Kin, Eventide Far East (165, 209, 45)
Opaque tights in red: Battered Boudoir, Boudoir Isle (216, 28, 23)

Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Holiday Confetti

I bought a couple of good-value items in the Icing sale a while back and hadn't blogged them yet. The top and leggings are the Icing "Confetti" outfit: it was L$100 when it was half price. Some of the other things were Valentine freebies: the hair, bag, bangles and choker. Both the shoes and the bangles are colour change: a good wide range of colours for the shoes. The glasses are dollarbies from Oasis, and there are several colours on offer. I got the hat there too, at L$30, for when the sun just gets too strong.
Confetti outfit: Icing, Mischief (126, 167, 27)
Sunglasses and hat: OASIS , Poco JAPAN (89, 150, 25)
Colour change shoes (dollarbie): StarChild, CZESTATE Kuai Nui (5, 137, 22)
Hobo Bag - Patent Cherry (group gift: still in the Notices if you join): Celestial Studios, Celestial City, (67, 240, 27)
Hearts and diamonds choker and earrings (Valentine hunt freebie): Flirt, La Reina (24, 84, 23)
Plastic heart bangles (Valentine hunt freebie): Schadenfreude, La Reina (180, 170, 27)
Loveaffair hair (Valentine freebie): RAC, RaC City (75, 122, 26)

Friday, 15 February 2008

Time's arrow

I've tried not to chase all the Valentine freebies, but am wearing a few here: namely jacket top and sunglasses from the La Reina hunt and a quiverful of pretty pink arrrows from 'Ookami Ningen. The skirt was bought a while ago and picks up the aubergine hue. Other items were dollarbies or freebies at the time - which was only a week or so ago ;-)

The pictures were taken in the Pillow Talk shop which is up in the clouds (you can buy clouds there, too, and that little blue bird)

Quiver of arrows: 'Ookami Ningen (126, 193, 31)

Broken heart glasses: chadenfreude at La Reina (180, 170, 27)

Round and aboutton rose top: Veschi, La Reina (201, 126, 23)

Amerantine skirt (Egplant plaid): CKS Designs, Selby (45, 34, 57)

Bavaresi Hair (in Expresso):

Blaze stiletto boots: Blaze 75, 117, 23

Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Retro Grandma

When I visited Grandma! for the free apron, I couldn't resist this 50 Linden retro shirt, since red and black are favourite colours. I knew it would go with this full red skirt (with fluffy white petticoat) that I got as a Christmas freebie from Bossa Nova. Though this isn't available now, Bossa Nova still has plenty of full skirts, and Ivalde also has similar items. I wanted to keep the look simple, so I just added black pearl earrings and the white pearly hair jewels that came free with the Calla Sages pack.
Grandma! retro dot shirt: Grandma!, Broadmead (104,135,34)
Skirt from Noel dress: Bossa Nova, Amour (184, 59, 27)
Sage hair (darks - black) including Calla Sage hair jewels: Calla, Callatropia (125, 193, 23)
Elise black pearl earrings: Second Mirage, Second Mirage (71, 14, 22)

Mary Jane Silver Sequin Shoes (free in store): Digit Darkes, Dacham (107, 143, 49)

Monday, 4 February 2008


I decided to play round some more with the Grandma! apron, since it's such a pretty pattern. Firstly I wore it with the top from the free Amor dress and the flowered leggings from the Marzipan's closet Monica suit. I added a pink flowered headband from Decollage and in all the photos I'm wearing the dollarbie Bavaresi hair in the colour Candy.
Secondly I took off the apron top and wore the apron skirt with the top and leggings from the Ingenue set "Pink Hawaiian" (a patterned halter neck with plain pink leggings). The heart necklace and earrings (just seen) and the shoes are also part of the free valentine's Amor set.

I tried various tops and skirts with the Amor dress, but to be honest it looked better kept as a set. Therefore my second set of pictures has the 50s scripted skirt from the set, plus the glitch pants and top; to add a personal touch I wore Honey Kitty's strawberry camisole underneath, to give a lace edge to the neckline, and the valentine stockings I just got dropped as fashion Consolidated gift from pop feel. The cherry brooch was also a freebie from Ingenue, and I'm sitting in the Ingenue shop (the lady in black, on the left, is part of the decoration!) I don't usually think it's a good idea to match the upholstry, but here it seemed the more pink the better.

Bavaresi Hair in Candy (dollarbie): Frangipani, Iladil (95, 57, 71)
Pink Hawaiin outfit (dollarbie): Ingenue, Born (92,24,34)
Pink Pussywillows Headband (part of dollarbie collection in box near door): Decollage, Endicott (166,6, 129)
Floral apron/skirt (part of free cleaning set): Grandma!, Broadmead (104,135,34)
Valentine gift stockings: *pop feel*, KyuKaruizawa (118, 30, 23)
Alienbear Designs Amor ear studs and necklace; Alchemy Amor dress and Angels Amor Valentine shoes: all at Alchemy: Emilia (38, 84, 61)
Monica set (freebie): Marzipan's closet, Business Bureau Isle (222,85,22)
Strawberry camisole: Honey Kitty, Plush Terra (213, 222, 21)
Classic Tank Watch: Muse (148, 148, 25).

Sunday, 3 February 2008

So cute!

I wasn't going to blog again today - but this is so cute! Grandma! has moved to a new shop which is fitted out as a bookshop, with the clothes hung around by the shelves. There is a wonderfully cute freebie: an apron, a pink feather duster for dusting books, and a pile of books. Top of the pile is a Haruki Murakami book, one of my favourite authors ;-)
All the other clothes are as in my previous post. Grandma!'s new location is in Broadmead (104,135,34)

Watch and glow

I wanted to work out another outfit for my favourite Virginie trousers. I tried it with a couple of gold-coloured tops and this was what I liked best: the shirt part of the Love Cupcakes dress that I got as a freebie at their shop a while ago. I added a triple necklace that was an advent gift from Second Mirage and also a nice watch with a gold face and caramel strap that was part of a Muse gift set. This set used to be free in a CSI NY sim, but I had a fly round what is left of the CSI sims and it looks like the freebie fashion items aren't there any more ;-(

I was also going to use the Digit Darkes gold freebie shoes yet again, but as you may have noticed there have been inventory problems in SL and I found that the folder for these shoes was mysteriously empty. Then when I went and got another pair, they refused to rez into my inventory. So I'm afraid I gave up and treated myself to a pair of not-at-all-free gold boots from Fuel.

Gunmetal breeches from Virginie set : Last Call, Dazzle (56, 216, 35)
Gold dress (free in store): love cupcakes, Fuzzy (242, 137, 34)
Tory triple necklace: Second Mirage, Second Mirage (71, 14, 22) (advent gift)
Classic Tank Watch: Muse (148, 148, 25).
Bavaresi Hair in Expresso (dollarbie): Frangipani, Iladil (95, 57, 71)
Tainted Spring boots in gold: Fuel, Arias Requiem (142, 54, 307)
Another Fundraiser skin; Passion: Nuclear Boutique.

Saturday, 2 February 2008

Glam pink

I did photos of this outfit a week or so ago, but didn't blog them for some reason. However it's turned out for the best, since when I bought the dress it was on sale in limited edition to support a charity. Now it's out as a group gift to celebrate the Fashion Consolidated group rez day, so if you sign up to the group quickly you can retrieve it from the Notices list for free (so that makes all the jewelry and clothes pictured here free).

I made it just a little less glam with the lacey cardigan, and kept the accessories simple as I think the dress is sparkly enough on its own. An elegant updo seemed to go nicely. The first picture is taken in Wales. The second was taken in Thetron Three, in the detailed recreation of a theatre: it was taken before I decided elegant was the way to go with the dress.
Glam rock in Pink (for Susan Komen): Punch drunk, Mischief.

Sadie shoes: ZHAO Shoes, Kasba (15, 185, 639)

Enji lace jacket:Bis-Daisy, Ueno (51, 200, 22)

Drop earrings: *UnTone, Koen, Koenji (115, 139, 39)

Tintable tights: G.L.A.M. ,Viva La Glam (76, 180, 24)