Sunday, 25 November 2007

Golden days

Well, I was completely wrong when I said (in the last posting) that the LeeZu coat wouldn't go with a prim skirt, as is shown here. The first amazing outfit includes the group gift dress from Evie's Closet - and this gorgeous colour is only available to group members.

As you see, it goes with the jacket portion of the coat as if they were made for each other. I have kept the bronze earrings from last time, and added a piece of the Alienbear Gupte jewelry that was a free gift during the Calla anniversary event. Looks like I've found my cinderella outfit for any Christmas balls!

Another stunning freebie (in store) is the gold shift from 3 Cupcakes. I immediately wanted to try it on and then I saw how a prim skirt could work with the full coat - providing the skirt was very very short! And this skirt certainly is! I think it works very well with the coat and the same Digit Darkes shoes, and I hope you agree.

Tya's Spice dress (this colour only available as a group gift) Evie's Closet, Madison Place (64, 95, 469)

Gold dress (free in store): 3 cupcakes, Fuzzy (242, 137, 34)

1810 coat (group gift): LeeZu Baxter, centro italia (167, 163, 22)

Earrings (group gift): Talisman, Yawgoo (100, 90, 97)

Mary Jane Sequin Shoes (free in store): Digit Darkes, Dacham (107, 143, 49)

Thursday, 22 November 2007

An exotic coat sets the mood

A sumptuous group gift from the currently controversial designer LeeZu Baxter was a welcome drop into my inventory. As you can see it has all sorts of colour and textures - really complex. It is on the jacket AND skirt layers, so prim skirts don't really work and I aimed for a pared down elegant look.

The simple black pants were picked up in a set (at Free Dove, I think) and the top was part of the huge freebie Pixel Dolls pack (they are SO useful). I felt the neckline needed something long and dramatic, so the trusty Shiny Things necklace was my choice, and that called for pearl earrings too.

The gold version of the Digit Darkes shoes was just right to finish the outfit.

I found a suitably exotic location in Hosoi Ichiba where you can shop or relax with a drink.

1810 coat: LeeZu Baxter, centro italia (167, 163, 22)

Necklace - knotted bead strand: Shiny things (Shiny Falls 170, 180, 37) from the Gnubie Store

Elsbeth pearl earrings: Talisman, Yawgoo (100, 90, 97)

Wrinkle tank bamboo: Pixel Dolls, Port Seraphine (30, 121, 56)

Sossy's black pants: Sossity, Trance (230, 80, 35) from Free Dove

Mary Jane Sequin Shoes: Digit Darkes, Dacham (107, 143, 49)

Taken in Talisman's photosphere and on location at Hosoi Ichiba, Virgin Island (109, 109, 278)

Louche leisureware

A happy accident resulted in this outfit. I was aiming to wear the snappy sarong suit that was a Bossa Nova group gift, and happened to try on the sarong with the top and shorts from the previous Christmas dress.
I thought it looked distinctive and teamed it with the free Digit Darkes shoes that everyone is blogging, and some of my favourite Muse jewelery (a group gift a while ago). I'm wearing the really nice bangles that came with the sarong, they really go beautifully with the necklace.

There is a lovely satiny feel to the sarong - my only niggling complaint is that while it is perfect when you are standing still, it does break up rather when you walk, viewed from behind. But, then, that's the system skirt for you.

These shots were taken in the new photosphere installed by the Talisman shop - and that reminds me that the amusing horn earrings were also a Talisman group gift.

Airhorn Earrings: Talisman, Yawgoo (100, 90, 97)

Mary Jane Sequin Shoes: Digit Darkes, Dacham (107, 143, 49)

Swimsuit with Sarong and bangles: Bossa Nova, Amour (184, 59, 27)

Dauphine necklace: Muse, Linji (143, 151, 49)

Top and shorts: Kiki's closet, as in last entry.

Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Skating away

Skating is the new "cool" activity in SL and I found the perfect fun dress to skate in, courtesy of Kikis closet. You get stockings, dress, hair bow and all the trimmings! A bit naughty, but very nice!

Here you can see me in the dreamy Infolit iSchool skating rink in the sky. Just skate round or try some of the spins. You can pick up a bubble wand from the red package under the tree and then it's even more fun.

Kikis closet: Kauai (219, 153, 21)

Infolit iSchool skating rink: Infolit iSchool (118, 201, 69)

Casual for late autumn

I've heard many good things about Casa del Shai and I couldn't resist dropping in to see whether there were any freebies to grab. Indeed there were (at one dollar), and nice ones too! In this post I'm wearing the casual jacket which comes in two parts and has a luxurious dark suede feel.

Slouchy seemed the way to go with this, although I'm sure you could also dress it up. I had just been along to hot tip Pochette and had found a freebie package overflowing with lovely warm stockings in gorgeous colours which I'll blog another time. Also in the pack were these jeans - a really nice fit and with a comfortable lived-in feel.

Finally, at Pixel Dolls amazing build in Port Seraphine there is a freebie bulging with over 20 pretty tops. This floral one picked up the warm colours of the jacket and added a girly feel to the whole look.

Jacket by Casa del Shai: Casa Del Shai (150, 100, 691)
Top at Pixel Dolls: Port Seraphine (30, 121, 56)
Jeans at Pochette: Shimokitazawa (187, 200, 26)

Sunday, 18 November 2007

New mail, new outfits!

Lots of new freebies to blog! I belong to the Talisman group and my mailbox was overflowing with good things after being away from SL for just a few days! Oddles of pairs of earrings - including some classic pearl drops, amusing horn-shaped ones and really distinctive bronze earrings with various gem options.
In the first pic I am wearing Bronze Paragon peach diamond. With them I am wearing Freshwater pearl necklace that came as a group gift from Muse. Legwarmers galore were also sent to the Talisman group - great for chilly autumn days.

The Nuclear boutique reopened today, so I went along and picked up the free Serengeti outfit - safari jacket, underpants and flirty short skirt. Really nicely made, with detailing on the jacket.

Another Muse group gift was a watch with a caramel watchstrap and that seemed to go just perfectly with the outfit.
I am seen in the Parabas sim, with a free tennis raquet and on the umpires chair - great fun!
Before flying in to Nuclear, I had rushed over to Icing to snap up the latest free outfit. Icing is a real favourite so it was lovely to pick up the Petite Baiser dress. I decided to pair the skirt with my Bossa Nova white top and bow, from the freebie outfit blogged earlier, just to give it my personal take.

The shoes were the black and white beaded shoes that were companions to the pink ones I used a couple of outfits ago and the necklace was yet another Muse group gift: Dauphine. I am pictured in this outfit in Nuclear's striking new sim, and outside Bossa Nova's store (the owner's Rez Day party was about to start!).
People are really moving up to another level in presenting their stores originally; out with the boring mall!

Bronze Paragon earrings: Talisman Designs, Yawgoo (104, 120, 97)

Necklaces and watch: Muse, Linji (143, 151, 49)

Serengeti outfit: Nuclear Boutique, Archipelago Wild (128, 128, 28)

Petite Baiser dress: *ICING*, Mischief (130, 157, 23)

Top and bow from Bossa Nova Lucia freebie dress: Amour (184, 59, 27)

Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Pink and black

News of sweet new earrings for people in the Talisman group made me pause to pick up a few Talisman freebies and conjour up a hot new look based on some of the pieces from my last one.

I kept the pants and shirt layer from the pink dress, and the cute spider necklace. I added the new group gift Elsbeth earrings, and some freebie boots also from Talisman. Then I hunted around in my inventory for a jacket and discovered the perfect Foxy Pink Jacket in the Free Casual Suit set from DG Innovations that I must have picked up from their store.

This seems like an outfit that needs shades, and I also found my trusty Amaretto black bangles that go with so many things.

Pants and shirt from: Free gown, Satin Shine Pink, from Nicky Lee: Deco (104, 93, 33)
Necklace: Gift of the week - Silver spider pendant: Second Mirage (71, 14, 22)

Bangles: Amaretto, Isla Violeta (164, 204, 26)

Foxy Pink Jacket: DG* Innovations -Innovations (102, 126, 31)

Earrings and Ozluna boots: Talisman designs, Yawgoo (30, 81, 97)

Sunglasses: (L$20) OASIS, Poco JAPAN (89, 150, 25)

Photographed in Honmoku and Infolit iSchool. Also included is a pic of me hanggliding on t-mobile island in my previous outfit. Cool!

Monday, 12 November 2007

Pink and Silver

Two striking new freebies came along this week: a lovely vibrant pink gown and a large pendant continuing the Halloween theme - a huge silver spider!

I kept my fan from the last outfit, since the pink toned so nicely with the gown. The shoes were found at Free Dove, and as you can see they go beautifully, with just the right elegant tone.

I tried a few pairs of earrings, but ended up with these sweet silver and black ones, free as a Group Gift from Muse. Finally, I turned once again to Miriel for the bracelets, picking up the black and silver theme from the earrings.

As a setting, I found a bourganvillia tree which just matched the gown, and then I went to La Reina, where again there is a pink theme!

Free gown, Satin Shine Pink, from Nicky Lee: Deco (104, 93, 33)

Gift of the week - Silver spider pendant: Second Mirage (71, 14, 22)

Wood and glass beaded shoes from She's So Unusual Shoes: Redux NW (148, 193, 21) - picked up free at: Free Dove: Gallii (105, 61, 32)
Dauphine earrings: Muse, Linji (143, 151, 49)
Miriel: Nouveau (114, 201, 23)

Tuesday, 6 November 2007

The charm of the kimono

The kimono is a lovely garment that can take you through many occasions, from relaxing at home, to picnics, to more formal gatherings. You can pick up two female kimono in the Japanese sim Gion. Just search for Gion on the map, teleport in, and there is a house with male and female kimono near the telport point.

You have to go a little futher into the sim to find the less elaborate garment (Yukata) that I'm wearing in the photos, but I'm sure you'll agree it's far too pretty to keep just for home.

It comes with animated fan and very attractive geta (sandals) that I've shown in close up as they are worth keeping in anyone's inventory and would go to spice up a casual beach outfit.

With a costume like this simplicity is the key so I have just accessorised it with a pair of simple yet classy earrings which I tracked down in the Innovations treasure hunt last month. These are now priced, but for free you might use one of the Miriel sets as mentioned before in this blog.

I am shown in my low-cost high-style rented slip in En Vogue, a lovely tranquil place for boating, or relaxing with a soothing cup of tea.

Kimono, fan, geta: Gion
Double Dangle diamond/silver earrings: *DG* Innovations, Innovations (94, 127, 31) (free from treasure hunt, now priced)